Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5 Poems up at Clockwise Cat #13

I am happy to see five of my poems are up at Clockwise Cat Issue #13. Thanks to the editor Alison Ross for including these poems, some of which are ones I still enjoy, in your magazine!



LaLa said...

Overdose "I hang close in wait
for the chance to grasp her,
my warmest loving touch,
only having one moment
to make a wish for her.
I swallow my heart and will,
release her back into the air,
nature must now decide her fate."
...When I was in Junior High my Aunt was on drugs that part of the poem made me remember my Grandma and Mom trying so desperately to help her but having to let her go until she was ready to change. Which she did and thankfully still in my life.

Calder said...

Thanks Lala, always a pleasure to see you have visited. I am honored!