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Poem up at The Pedestal Magazine

The December 2008 issue of The Pedestal Magazine dropped today with my poem "Finger Print" on board.

Thanks again to Poetry editor Arlene Ang and Editor In Chief John Amen for including me. I am happy to be a small part of their magazine.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday to you all.

Peace and love!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poetry Update - acceptances

Here is my recent personal poetry news concerning recent acceptances and publications.

I had a couple rejections and one submission sent back with the editor stating he is reformating his magazine and going a new direction. I also had one poem accepted then pulled back a day later which I guess sometimes happens...oh well. Keep writing, submitting, and reading!

Three acceptances since my last note.

First, The Pedestal Magazine let me know that they will be using my poem "Finger Print" in their forthcoming December 2008 issue due to drop any day. My thanks to this month's poetry editor Arlene Ang and the Editor In Chief John Amen for the acceptance and for working with me to get me into their fine magazine. I am really excited about getting published in TPM and this poem publication also comes along with the pretty sweet cash payment, always a good thing huh!

Next, Hanging Moss Journal has accepted two of my poems for their next issue. I am a big fan of the editor Steve Meador so big time appreciation to you Steve for these acceptances. Steve's latest book "Throwing Percy From The Cherry Tree" has been nominated for a National Book Award and The Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Great stuff, I recommend everyone to pick up a copy of this book right away. It would make a great Christmas gift!

Finally, I am honored to be included in the forthcoming Issue #1 of Gutter Eloquence Magazine due to be published before January 5, 2009. The editor, Jack T. Marlowe, was kind enough to allow a slight re-write on my poem "The Greatest Fear" to get it to an acceptable level for their likes. I definitely appreciate you working with me on this Jack, thanks and I am excited about your new magazine's debut issue! Congrats!

Yellow Mama #11 dropped the other day with my poem "High Enough To Die" on board. Click the link to go and check it out. Thanks a lot Cindy for the publication. I really enjoy reading your magazine!

Happy holidays to you all. Thanks for reading today!

Peace and love!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter White

Saturday In Winter I Come Clean

I poem through morning till noonish,
when dishful sink speaks
of a waterfall rinse
and throw rug corner-curls up
like a cat near fire,

her peaceful rise and fall of fur
thicker in the winter.
Floor of hardwood,
with its mismatched grains
showing yet not telling

the years avoiding fire,
creaks of moisture pull
as dust bunnies hop away
from me into corners
hoping to stay unseen and grow.

If I choose, I can etch-a-sketch
stick people on the tables
dancing around a summer bonfire
before rag erasing the dust and lint
raised by stomped feet.

Environmental disasters aside,
power cells crave a recharge,
to pillow my head
and nothing but breathe
if only but an hour.

Then comes the end of light,
where week’s work wakes
trying to remember
what it’s like to be alive
on the outside.

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What The Kid Can Do

ten tries till too
practiced in the art
of stipulation
add in that one word
on sentence end
to let all meaning
reverse the tide
back up the flow
until a generational flood
covers the gap
the impact of air
separated by hand
guides the waters
murky with silt
toward the area
runoff can occur

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some poetry updates/news

Hello friends!

Some good news on the personal poetry front. Along with a handful of rejections, I got a few acceptances, and also a couple recent or upcoming publications on past acceptances.


Right Hand Pointing let me know that they will be publishing my poem titled "Remorse" in their Issue #24 due out in February 2009. I definitely recommend traveling to RHP's site and reading there. Besides their regular issues, they have an awesome collection of E-Chap Books published online including some from a couple of my favorite poets Howie Good and Allen Peterson. Many thanks to the general editor Dale Wisely for including me.

I also heard back from Oak Bend Review's editor Sandee Lyles saying they are going to publish my poem "Half Hidden" in their March/April 2009 issue. This poem is part of my chapbook that is out at a publisher since July awaiting response. Thanks Sandee!! It's a beautiful magazine!!

Finally, a couple days ago, The Rose & Thorn's editor Cesar Garza let me know that they will be including my poem "If Asked One Can Walk On Water" in their upcoming Winter 2008 issue. He said some really nice things in the acceptance letter which is always cool and R&T pays $$ for their contributors poems, always a great bonus huh. R&T has been one of my favorite places to visit along with their informative blog so I am really excited to get the opportunity to be a part of their magazine. THANKS!!

Recent Publication:

Sub Lit volume 2 issue 2 dropped the other day. The editor alerted me that my five previously accepted poems are on line in the issue. I appreciate the friendly letter I received from the editor Michael Ogletree alerting me that Sub Lit 6 is up. What a great person he is, one I concider a friend. Thanks Sub Lit and Michael!

Coming Soon:

Every Day Poets released their month # 2 December 2008 Table Of Contents two days ago and on December 9th, my poem "The Window Between" will be published there. Many thanks again to the editors there for including another one of my works this month.

My (Twisted) Christmas Poem "Please Sing Me A Reindeer Song" will be in the December issue of Twisted Tongue Magazine due out any day. They are a print mag based in the UK. A free PDF will be available via the link on the website. Hard copies of the print edition can be purchased via the link on the site (Europe) or from in the States (shipping costs are more affordable there). I am looking forward to reading it!!

The holiday's are quickly approaching huh. It was my New Year's Resolution in January to hit this poetry thing hard in 2008 to see how far I could get including getting a book MS togther. I am happy to say, this is one resolution that was accomplished in my mind at least. Thanks for reading!!

Peace and love!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She Likes It Hot

(click to enlarge)

Mia, the queen of the house.
Always looking for the warm spots.


Monday, November 24, 2008


You Been Punked

I – {hes… I… tate}, to mark,,,
every; space-letter-word-line.

Ye$! [ I ] don’t: know… how.
Really, but… I can, Le@rn,
only - if, >you want me<, too.

Just / thought, (((( you ))))
would == want? to * be ~
“The One” 2, see IT: first.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkeys and deer

For those in the states, have a great Thanksgiving weekend coming up this week!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A couple new online Lit Mag pubs

Two new publications online in the past few days for your reading pleasure.

Three poems were accepted and published at Mad Swirl.
Many thanks to the editor Johnny! It's great to back in the flow swirling madly.

I am honored to have my poem "What? About Me?" in the debut issue of tinfoildresses magazine. There's a lot of great poems there to be read so click the link and enjoy. The editor Heather Ann Schmidt has put together a great new magazine. Congrats to you Heather and thank you for including me.

Peace and love!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Snow

(click photo to enlarge)
brrrrrrrrrr... It won't be long

Monday, November 10, 2008

She's So Cold

Pen A Trait

The wind chimer froze
as iciclets erection
from the underneathith.
Cocked center clomper,
string-locked quite crick-ed,
so no songs till spring thaw
when some dripping beats
unsleep; a contrite trickle
will drumskin like rain
as musicality swirls
swallowing the wind.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Latest Personal Poetry News

It's been a few weeks since I spoke about the po scene personally, so here we go.
The only recent publication was on Novemeber 1st where my poem "Enter The Unknown" was the debut poem Every Day Poets magazine.

I will have several poems coming out in the next two weeks in some of the mags listed on the right side of my blog according to their publication schedules.

First off, six sets of rejections but the good news, I did have 3 acceptances also.

Debuting their first edition on January 15, 2009, Bird's Eye reView accepted one of poems. The editor sent me a really nice note that I'll share. THANKS Amy!! I am honored to be part of your magazine.
Thank you for your interest in Bird's Eye reView. I am happy to say that we will be utilizing your poem "After the Fall" for our January 2009 issue, set to be out January 15th.
Thanks for your great contribution; your poem impressed me and it's work like this that makes this editor-thing worth it!

Best regards,
Amy L. George

My friends at Every Day Poets have accepted a third poem from me titled " Autumn Belle". Thanks again to the editors Oohna, Constance, and Nicholas.

Finally, today I recieved news back from Twisted Tongue Magazine. It's a print mag based in the UK. My Poem "Please Sing Me A Reindeer Song" will be published in their Christmas issue, Twisted Tongue Issue 12. My poem is definitely twisted too! Much appreciation to the editor Claire Nixon and her staff. It is due out within a week or so. Should be very interesting.

Peace to all!

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"Yes we can!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nic gets a Pushcart nomination - Woo Hoo!!

Mega-Props to my Bloggerific friend Nicole aka Megalopoet for being nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Gold Wake Press for her poem Convolvulaceae:LOVE VINE from Purview to Undoing.

Standing ovation for you Nicole. I am super happy for ya, congratulations as even getting a nomination is a great honor. I hope you win the prize and we all get to see your poem in their yearly anthology.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Every Day Poets Magazine Beginning Nov 1st

The new online literary magazine Every Day Poets drops tomorrow.

Here's their bio:

Every Day Poets is a magazine that specializes in bringing you fine, short poetry. Starting on 1st November 2008, Every day at 12:01am Pacific Time (8am GMT), we will be publishing a new poem of up to 60 lines/500 words or fewer that can be read during your lunch hour, on transit, or even over breakfast.

Today they published their November Table Of Contents and I am pretty honored to discover that one of my poems is featured on day # 1 of their publishing history. So click in tomorrow to read my poem "Enter The Unknown" or better yet, sign up on the home page to receive their featured poem each day via Email or via Feed.

Poets, it's a great place to sumit your work to also as the editors have provided personal feedback on each poem they recieve whether it's accepted, rejected, or re-write requested. A rare and fine thing to receive I think.

Many Thanks again to the editoial staff Constance, Nick, and Oonah!!

Every Day Poets

November’s Table of Contents

Nov 1 R Jay Slais - Enter The Unknown
Nov 2 William Doreski - Late Harvest
Nov 3 Jonathan Pinnock - School Uniform
Nov 4 Thane Thompson - L’Homme du Bois
Nov 5 Michael H. Hanson - Supercollider
Nov 6 James Graham - At the Crossroads
Nov 7 C.L. Holland - Plain English
Nov 8 Vanessa Gebbie - A Stone for your Shoe
Nov 9 Richard H. Fay - Autumnal Woodland Morn
Nov 10 K.C. Ball - Murphy’s Flaw
Nov 11 Steve Goble - A prayer to whom it may concern
Nov 12 A’keith Walters - Growing Up In Houston
Nov 13 Mark Dalligan - Streetwalker
Nov 14 Jessica Patient - Adventures in an Art Gallery
Nov 15 Alexis Stratton - Next-door Neighbor
Nov 16 Gabe Dybing - A Sonnet
Nov 17 Errol Nimbly - HUBBA-HUBBLE
Nov 18 Jeanne Holtzman - A Perfect Beach Day
Nov 19 Ben Nardolilli - Pick-Up Stanzas
Nov 20 Gary Beck - Once Upon
Nov 21 Rumjhum Biswas - Popping the Question
Nov 22 Erin M. Kinch - Inspiration
Nov 23 Rhian Waller - Prediction
Nov 24 Aurelio Rico Lopez III - Flutter
Nov 25 David M Pitchford - Bathing before Degas
Nov 26 William Soule - Gaywalking
Nov 27 Robin V. Herrnfeld - Water (An Etheree)
Nov 28 Ron. Lavalette - Critic
Nov 29 J.S. MacLean - Pear Poem Four
Nov 30 Darren Coxon - Travel Changes

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The last bill was paid
with the last dollar made,
no raise in four years
what will we eat

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cadaver Dogs by Loudon & Tilt

I got some nice deliveries in the mail the past couple days that will keep me busy reading for a bit.

I was really looking forward to getting Rebecca Loudon's new book of poems Cadaver Dogs and it finally arrived. I also have one of her previous books Radish King, so I am really looking forward to spending some time with my eyes on Cadaver Dogs. When I read her poems, it does things to my brain, it's almost as if I can feel my hair growing (or something Great work. It's a beautiful looking, well put together book Rebecca. You can get your copy here. She also has an entertaining blog titled Radish King. There are links to all her books there also.

I also got a delivery from the Small Press Tilt. A book of poems titled TILT, Literary Notes - A Chapbook Anthology. It includes work by:
Arlene Ang, Susan Culver, Jason Fraley, Rachel Mallino, Nathan McClain, Steve Mueske, Sarah Sloat, Cheryl Snell, Alex Stolis, John Sweet, and John Vick.

I have read a little so far and enjoyed what was presented. It's a beautiful little chapbook. Here's a link if you are interested. Well worth the money!

Peace and love!

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and one for Laurel...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not A Nice Poem

Before A Breath Can Be Taken
(one must be let out)

One week after she got pregnant,
she wishes for the abortion


The only thing to do

is hold your breath.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Neon 17 published

Issue 17 of Neon was recently published. It's a print literary magazine based in the UK. I got my contributer copy yesterday and it's one finely crafted mag, love it! I am really happy to be part of Neon. There are two of my poems titled "Veg Tabled" and "Fever" in it. Thanks again to the editor Krishan Coupland for including me. I have also written them a personal thank you note after publication which I think is a really important thing to do for any contributing author. Never take getting published for granted, be thankful for each one!

Anyway, this is their press release for issue 17:

30 September 2008: Neon17
Issue 17 of Neon--the last to be available in printed form--is now out. This issue features the work of Rachelle Taylor, Sergio Ortiz, Howie Good, Louise Norlie, Carol Carpenter, Janet Smith, R Jay Slais and Noam GR, as well as a review of the recently published anti-novel "The Plagiarist" and an interview with its author, Christopher Nosnibor.

You can buy a copy here.


Other personal Po-News since my last Po post:

My chapbook MS from Tilt
Poems at The Orange Room Review
Poems at Bird's Eye Review
Poems at Pemmican

One poem at tinfoildresses for their Issue #1 in December 2008
Three poems at Yellow Mama, one each scheduled for Issues in Dec 08, Feb 09, & Apr 09

Pending Submissions:
I currently have 19 poems out at 7 markets with wait times ranging from 12 to 147 days.

I have been working really hard on a three poem series for the last month or so going from totally unhappy to getting there to almost satisfied now. I have a certain magazine in mind to submit these to, one I subscribe to and one that I have tried 5 times to get published at so far receiving 5 relections. Another weeks worth of revision and maybe they will be ready to send. Hopefully.

Have a great weekend everyone! Peace and love!

Friday, October 10, 2008

WTG Rachel!

Wow, look at my bloggerific friend Rachel who is the featured writer in the Fall 2008 Up The Staircase Lit Mag. I am really happy for you Rachel, you deserve it!!

She's got several poems, her photo, bio, a personal interview, and recordings of her reading a couple of the featured poems frm the home page there. Check it out!

Standing ovie for you!!! Congrats!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Found Poem

Four Three Two One

At work, desk phone and cell phone ring simultaneously,
caller ID on the cell, it is the kid’s high school calling again.
Just yesterday, we were informed about the bomb threat
via this automated emergency alert system. My heartbeat
explodes in my chest, up through the arteries in my neck,
the extra blood fuels the emotions that blast into my head.
The mechanical woman’s voice, today’s monotone message:


There is one more hour to work today
then a thirty-four minute drive home
until I may hug both my children again.
The only thing I can do right now
is depress number one on the phone
to confirm to the school district
I have received this message.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Flutter Poetry Journal October 2008

Flutter dropped today with my poem "Dent" included.

October 2008 Issue

I love this magazine, it's really well done.

Big thanks to Sandy Benitez the Editor of Flutter Poetry Journal for including me.

I share the pages with 14 other great poets so get over there soon and read up, you won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Orange Room Review Issue 14

Yesterday, Corey and Rachael, editors of The Orange Room Review published issue 14 with one of my poems, "Wane" on board.

Visit Here

Stop in, read, leave a comment in the Guest Book maybe. Have fun!!

Thanks a lot Corey and Rachael. I am happy to be part of your magazine again this issue.

Peace and love!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Over 4500 and counting

It’s A Shame

He said… “To War”,
with hands buried deep
fondling subcontractor wads
in white cotton pockets
hidden behind, beside
the pleats of his finest
custom fit black trouser.
His bollocks are held close
fuzzy, warm, and protected,
just the tip of a finger
away and checked often.
With each death,
be it by ambush,
IRB, or friendly fire,
another name is added
to a form note
and delivered solemnly
by those whose duty
it is to inform.
His eyes are down,
to feign mourning
yet someday much to late,
we will all know
about the shame.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More New Cool Personal Poetry News

Hello all!

It's been a great couple weeks since my last personal Poetry News update. Although my streak of four acceptances in a row ended with a rejection from Pedestal Magazine, I did manage to get 12 poem acceptances from four Lit Zines in the past week or so. Yes, I am smiling!

First off, Michael Ogletree, the Poetry Editor of Sub Lit Magazine sent me a reply saying they will be using five of my poems in their November Issue. Michael sent a very nice note to me, one a writer always enjoys receiving and I am honored to be part of Sub Lit. Thank you muchly Michael!

I had two acceptances yesterday. First off, The editor of Flutter Poetry Journal Sandy Benitez alerted me that they have chosen one of mine for their October Issue. You have to check out Flutter, it's a beautiful magazine. The layout is so aesthetically pleasing. I love it! There are lot's of great reads there including my friend Rachel in the current issue and it's really easy to find your way around there. I am proud to be part of this magazine! Thanks again!

Then, later in the day, I heard back with an acceptance from Oonah V’yonne Joslin, the Managing Editor at Every Day Poets concerning the re-write requested poem that I had submitted back to them two days ago. Now, Duotrope Digest classifies EDP as a "Fledgling Market" because they are less then six months old but I think it is really great to be in on the ground floor of this magazine. They are preparing to launch the Mag on November 1st by posting one poem each and "Every Day". I have subscribed to receiving their daily feed and am excited for them. It's a place with very special people editing. The editorial staff, Nicholas Ozment, Constance Brewer, and Oonha provide personal comments on each poem submitted to them for publication. This is very rare these days I think. So, let's say you get rejected, you will know why the piece did not appeal to each one of them. This particular poem on the first go around had an area or two that prevented them from accepting it but they did like a lot of it and challenged me to improve it and re-submit. They really gave me some nice replies back on acceptance and this my friends is is like a piece of gold a poet can store away in their pocket, a treasure! I would high recommend all who desire publication to submit your work to Every Day Poets.

Finally, today I heard back from Alison Ross of Clockwise Cat. I had a couple poems in their Issue 10 and she is really busy putting the finishing touches on Issue 11 due out any day now. She let me know that all five of the poems I submitted to them will be part of Issue 12 due out in late December. Thanks Alison! I am happy to be back at CC.

Okay, wooo,(deep breath) I currently have 19 pieces pending response with a wait times ranging from 130 days to 2 days... so I wait, write and revise when I can, and research for my next round of submissions. Another cool fact is that all 12 poems accepted as explained above are part of either of the two chapbook manuscripts that I have compiled and submitted for a chance at publiction to two different Small Press Publishers. Now I have some editing of acknowledgment pages in each that needs to take place to give these fine Magazines proper credit for being the first to publish each poem. Fun stuff!!

Peace and love!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

A week or so ago, I was blessed with a nice surprise. Jerry at As The Crackerhead Crumbles blog was nice enough to award my blog.

I love his blogs too. They are really unique and informative sharing blog links every week to great places to visit. He's a wonderful human also. Thanks again sir!

For my part, I would like to pass this along to some of my most fave bloggerrific places to visit. There is no wiggit so you all will just have to save the image to your My Documents and then paste it on your site if you would like to display the award. Thanks to each of you. Yes!! I love Your Blog!!

LaLa at True Clarity

Robin at Naked In Eden

Maya at MAYA-Japanese actress/model

Chedwick at Tangled Up in L'Heure Bleue

Maggie at A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door

and finally

LKD at Possum
who I have been reading for a long time, way before I ever thought of having a blog myself.

Thanks to you all!! I love your Blogs!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Po News

It's kind of interesting how the ebb and flow of poem submissions goes.

During July and August I had a streak of 10 or so rejections in a row. Now September is here and in the past couple days two more acceptances which makes three in a row now.

Thanks to the Literary Tonic Editors for accepting and posting one of mine Thursday.
Shattered Silence is the title.

Yesterday, I was informed by the editors of The Orange Room Review that I will be included in their October issue. Thanks Corey and Rachael!!

Visit and support the online and small presses!!

Peace and love to all!


Okay, I usually do not play the tag games but this one is sounds fun and the person who tagged me one of the good ones, so here I go.

I was tagged by Possum, whos blog I enjoy regularly. She has provided the tasks.

First, a list of 6 unremarkable facts about yours truely.

1. I wear size 10 shoes.

2. I live in Michigan yet I still despise winter.

3. My favorite pro athelete of all time is Bo Jackson.

4. I wake up every day at 6am even on the weekends with no alarm set.

5. I love coffee and drink it black, no cream or sugar.

6. I have carried a small crystal enhydro stone with me every day for eight years.

Next, I need to tag six more friends so

I'm tagging Letty, Rachel, Nicole, Jerry, Lala, & Robin.

Finally, here are the rules folks.

Share 6 unspectacular things about yourself, tag 6 other folks, post the rules, and post a link back to the person who tagged you.

Well, I hope you enjoy this and have fun showing the blogosphere just how truly unremarkable you are!

Peace and love!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tragic Day

I am deeply saddened today. My next door neighbor's 17 year old daughter was killed in a car accident while on her way to school this morning. Her name is Chelsea and she's the same age as my daughter.

Please keep Chelsea, her parents, and family in your prayers.

Local News Story

It was scarey for me for a short time when I first heard a local person at work talking about it this morning, when they said "a 17 year old Romeo High School girl was killed" my heart went in my throat. I texted my kid and she answered thankfully. Then when I discovered it was my neighbor next door, again, my heart became heavy and still is. I said hi to her and her dad last evening and her and I actually pulled out of our driveways this morning at the same time. Chilling.

Two of the three other kids in the car were also neighborhood kids and thankfully they are ok.

A couple last things to remember because life is a precious gift.

Don't ever go to bed mad.

Never pass up an opportunity to tell the ones you love
"I love you"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Every Day Poets acceptance

Some good news for me on the poetry front finally. After receiving a bunch of rejections in a row the past few weeks, Every Day Poets has accepted one of my poems. Here's a copy of their press release from a couple weeks ago.

For the scribes amongst you. Oonah V Joslin (Managing Editor) says: Every Day Poets is a magazine that specializes in bringing you fine, short poetry. Starting on 1st November 2008, every day at 12:01am Pacific Time (8am GMT), we will be publishing a new poem of up to 60 lines/500 words or fewer that can be read during your lunch hour, in transit, or even over breakfast. Feel free to browse around the site, check out our archives as they grow, or even sign up to receive a poem in your inbox... every day! And if you are a poet, why not send us your best work? We are open for submissions now.

Thanks to Oonah and the editorial staff for the acceptance and for providing personal feedback on all three poems I submitted. This was really cool and sort of rare from my experience. Three members of the editorial staff provided feedback on each poem. On the accepted one, they mentioned what they liked and a couple little nits. On the rejected one, it didn't seem to appeal to them at all and they stated why. Then, the third one was mixed, some good and some room for improvement, they asked for a re-write and re-submission if I wish. This may take a couple weeks of revising, but I enjoyed reading their takes on the areas that need work. Really valuable input in my opinion. THANKS! As one of them stated, a poem is never finished and I couldn't agree more. It's always good to step back and revise to see what may come of it.

For those of you interested, you can submit to Every Day Poets here.

Peace and love!

Friday, September 5, 2008

R Jay

by T. Melanson

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twisted Poem

The Twist

The breeze breath
inside bubble burst
only on release
of her sharp touch.

Prospects of love
through shaft extravagant,
vascular’s dim lit drop
into gravity’s moist keep,
web-tied and twisted.

Black widow meal
consumed by feel
suck relentlessly,
such a rent was he.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


111 WAR 0101 OF 101011 NUMBERS 10

01 TECHNOLOGY 010101010011000100
111011001011101 THE COMPUTER 1010
10100101001001 WAR 001010011010101
010011010010 IS 1001010010010010101
101010100110101010001 NOT 010110101
1101001001 A 01001010101 GAME 10101
01101110 WHAT IF 000010111001010011
010 ONE 010010101101011000 LINE 1011
10 IS 011010010001001 THE 11001100100
1010 TOTAL 01001010100111001 SUM 01
100100100100 ??? 1101011010001011011
101011010010 HOW 011001110100101001
1001110101010010010101001 MANY 010
10 HAVE 100110100 TO 11001010100101
01 DIE 0100 DIE 100101 DIE 00011 DIE 01
1 DIE 101011 DIE 110110010 FOR 111010
01101 ONE 11010010011101001101 SIDE
00000101011101010 TO BE 11010011010
110100 DECLARED 101010100101010110
011 THE 010011010101010 WINNER 010
010 WAR 10111 WAR 00101 WAR 01010
010011010010 LOSE 00100100100101011
110 LOSE 010101010001 LOSE 10110101
1101001 LOSE 1001010101 LOSE 010101
001000010101 LOST 11101011101001010

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Short Vacation over

A long weekend in northern Michigan has ended but part of my mind is still up there. Sigh...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Props to Cause & Effect Magazine

I got a nice surprise in the mailbox today, my contributer copy of Cause & Effect Magazine #10, August 2008.

It's a nice little gem with a lot of great poetry and fiction contained within its pages from twenty or so writers. I am honored to get my poem, "The Plagiarist" included in this edition. Big thanks to the editors Ben, Jack, and Denis for including me.

There's a link to the C & E website off to the right side on this homepage. Go visit and support the small presses!

It's always great to see your work in print, very exciting every time!! Smiles!!

Peace and love!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Publication news

I got the author's Proof from Neon Magazine this week to read and prove correct prior to it being sent to the printers next week. It will be published in September and contains two of mine. Exciting stuff, the mag looks great, a lot of great poems by some terrific poets. I can't wait to get my contributer's copy.

Other then that, not much luck on the submission front. Five rejections in a row right now. I have written a few new poems but things have been a bit slow on that front.

Take care friends.

Peace and love!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Issue 13 The Orange Room Review

Yesterday, I got a note from Corey and Rachael, the editors of The Orange Room Review that issue 13 was published. One of my poems was on board.

Issue 13 here

My poem, The Search

Thanks again Cory and Rachael for including me!

Peace and love!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today is a wilted flower

I am but the shadow of it...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Poetry Submission News

On the poetry front concerning my submissions for publication, I received several responses in the last week or so. Expected rejections from three mags, ones with very low (less then 1%) acceptance stats (according to Duotrope) including one from Beloit Poetry Journal , my fifth fine rejection from them over the years. I will continue to try these tougher markets and maybe someday, I can write something they will like... smiles! I enjoy a good challenge!

One bit of great news, Krishan Coupland, editor of Neon Magazine responded back and accepted two of my poems for their Issue 17 dropping this fall. It's a print journal based in the UK and I am very honored to be part of it. Thanks Neon and Krishan!

I also sent my finished Chapbook manuscript titled "Mice Verses Man" out last week, entering an Open Chapbook Contest at a publisher. This was my first try to get it published. The submission deadline has now passed and I am not sure when they will announce the winner, several months probably. The winner gets a nice 4-digit cash prize but they also publish the top ten finalists. I am sure there will be plenty of competition (hundreds of entries) and it will be tough to make the finals. It was a lot of work to put it all together but it was a great learning experience for me and who knows, maybe I will get lucky? This is a small part of my goal in poetry for this year. My resolution on January 1st was to work hard on my poetry all year and by December 31st, have a full volume poetry manuscript ready to submit for publication.

Cheers for reading friends! I hope you are all having a great weekend!!

We are going to my Godmother's 70th birthday party today. It should be a blast and I am excited to see the whole extended family and all our close lifelong friends that we don't see too often since we moved to the "east side" of town.

Peace and love!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Drink With Pablo

Drink With Pablo

Pablo, tonight I can read the saddest lines,
drunk on fickle curves, her skirt had hit the floor
running to ruining, the eye she said, vision complete.

Sentence the lint to cling, a nylon atrocity,
up the inside of her thigh to the cotton liner
white as virginity’s clean sheet, breathless.

In the light on the sill, moon up is here,
a spider simply squats, possibly pondering
the unraveling of her long web, fly full

not the morning before, no teeth to chew,
she craves the suckling, to place the spear inside.
Cunning cat stalks wasps, until retribution moment

when pink nose reddens, a kitty flop
like an epileptic fit, a lover’s tussle.
Less curious and lacking aggressiveness

are the light paw prints the next morning,
back hidden, corner crotched, happy to just watch
wasps find their place to paper away some sex.

Drink up. Friend. Tomorrow there will be more,
your verse is like spirits that read to me;
sad poem taken like my life, one swallow at a time.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My July MiPO has arrived

Arriving almost two weeks sooner then promised from the website I purchased it at, my copy of the July MiPOesias magazine was in my mailbox today. Nicole Mauro graces the cover. What a great photo! Congrats Nicole!

I am so impressed with the high quality of this journal, both physically (the layout, the quality of the printing and paper) and the content. There are so many good poems and short stories, and even a few recipes in it. I am honored to be included with all these talented writers. I would recommend to submit your poetry here. The editor Didi Menendez is soooo creative. Thanks!

I think if one where to buy this magazine, you would not be disappointed. Go for it!!

Look here.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Day Poem Acceptances

Today, a stressball bummer day at work. You could cut the tension in the office with a knife...ugg, but I get home, mow the lawn, cook dinner for the kids and I and open my email to find a couple surprises.

I was on a streak of three submission rejections in a row over the past three or so weeks but today made up for that!

First, the Orange Room Review alerted me that my poem "The Search" will be part of their August 2008 magazine. The editors sent a great note that made me smile. THANKS a lot Corey and Rachael!!

The Orange Room Review.

Then, another really cool note from the editor of Madswirl Magazine telling me that three of my poems have been accepted and actually were published today
on this page

and "The Spin" is featured on their Poetry Forum Page today
on 7-9-08

Many thanks to the editor Johnny for making my day!
He wrote me the coolest encouraging personal note.

Big smiles today!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One Dollar

The Ones That Matter

End of the week, Saturday, cloudy, cool, but dry
as I load the first of our possessions
in the back of my little blue truck.
There, face down, lying flat in the street
a one dollar bill. Happy prosperity!

Twenty five loads later, two streets over
two streets back, it’s all moved;
the content of our lives on this day.
It was time to say goodbye, son and daughter
with me, a one way trip to our new place.

I had donated all my furniture and things
one year ago, when I married the women.
We came to her house, a happy blend at first
turned to mental repossession near the end
for them. We reconstructed their space first,
set up beds, fill dressers, arrange belongings.
They are pleased to each have their own room.

The rest of the house is empty. I didn’t have much,
one wood chair, three pots, some mismatched silverware
and dishes, my music collection, a full bookshelf,
and no bed. My children safe, warm, fed, and rich
with love until my last day. The house will fill;
for now a single dollar in a frame, hung on the wall.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mia - She's Back

Tonight is a good night! Our beloved house cat Mia, slid the back screen door open enough to escape on Sunday morning, three days ago. She's been missing since. Thank goodness, about two hours ago, a neighbor who saw one of the signs I had hung up around the neighborhood called me and said a cat matching her description has been hanging around their house for a couple days. It was Mia!!!! She's doing well, besides her collar being missing, nothing seems to be wrong with her.

What a F'ing relief!! The kids and I were all sick here with grief. We have had her for 13 years. Thanks to my friends who gave words of support and prayed for her safe return. We appreciated that!

Wooowhooo!!! Party time!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Remorse (poem)

Down on
Green spears.
The earth yearns
With evolved layers
To grow upon the length
Of fear to drain liquid forms
If only to serve its own survival.
Seep slow from my memory,
The softening of the sky
Pulls rain clouds down
Until roots grasp
On the purest
Words we

Sunday, June 29, 2008

MiPOesias Magazine July 2008

A little self promotion...

Yesterday, the July 2008 edition of MiPO was published included is one of my poems along with 101 pages total of poetry, a few short stories, and also some recipes.

My poem "Fluff" is on page 39 and my photo and bio appears on page 38.

Thanks so much to the editor Didi Menendez for including me! I have read some of the work in it and it's a great read so far.

Check it out here
There's a free downloadable PDF copy of MiPOesias or very soon it says one can purchase a hard copy from I will be supporting this publishing company by buying a copy or two. It's well worth the money!

For other information concerning MiPO and Didi, you can find the MiPOesias blog here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rock Hard


wanting soft
feels damn hard
for a certain stone
grazed glacier smooth
balanced on the edge
of the river rage
the ascent forever ended
moist anticipation

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feather On The River

Click on photo to enlarge...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Spider Poem

The Twist

The breeze breath
inside bubble burst
only on release
of her sharp touch.

Prospects of love
through shaft extravagant,
vascular’s dim lit drop
into gravity’s moist keep,
web-tied and twisted.

Black widow meal
consumed by feel
suck relentlessly,
such a rent was he.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boston Literary Mag - Summer 2008

Today, the Summer 2008 edition of Boston Literary Magazine dropped with one of my poems on board.

Read "The Lake Has Not Changed" here

Thanks to the editors for including me!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Poem Revision - revising our poetry

I guess I am not sure how many have read the Forest Poem below. If you have, you may notice that it has changed a couple times already since first posted. Over the next week or two I will continue to revise it in an attempt to improve it (haha, maybe it will go the other way?) I don't plan on this piece being the killer of all killer poems, I know it won't, is not meant to be, but I hope to bring it to a level that provides a breath of inspiration while also being an interesting read. We'll see?

I love revision!! I almost always revise my poems at least a few times and hardly ever write (share) improv pieces. Maybe an exception is when I write Haiku. I will sometimes leave an instant haiku to a friend in a blog or email as my little piece of poem candy, usually written on the spot in response to the things I am reading/replying to. I find the revision process facinating. Sometimes, when things are right in our head, a poet can go outside of his or her mind and really look at a piece as a reader might. This is a difficult task, to disconnect one's self from our own poem but it is crutial to success in revision. I always try to get that first draft on paper in my journal, encompassing all the thoughts and/or using the notes I have written prior to starting, then build from there at a later date after the piece breathes a bit. Instant revision is not a real good thing normally either in my opinion.

Receiving rejections is a good thing sometimes. Yes, it may bruise the poet's ego maybe, but it should also serve as a motivation to potentially look at a piece deeper and revise it for improvement for the next round of submissions.

The poem below has had at least 10 revisions so far (and it still and I probably spent about 8 hours with it total. I wrote it in 2006 originally.

My record for hours worked on one single poem is 125 hours. This was over a 1.5 year period total. I am still shopping it around, trying to find it a home. It's an experimental piece, 13 lines long and so far, I have received 3 fine rejections. Smiles!

I think I average about 5 hours per "finished" poem. I wonder how much time others spend? (promp)

Oh well, keep writing and reading poetry!!! and of course... revising.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forest Poem

In The Forest A Clearing

One day after the release,
I find myself lost
in the woods, alone
among spring sprouts

poking their heads up
through compacted debris
from the dead season passed
on the forest floor.

They sway and waft
curiously in the breeze
as if trying to take a look
at me ambling by:

an outsider, in this world.

I squat low, turn my back
to a stump, blackened
from fire long ago,
ease my weight and rest.

Everything became clear.
The entire forest suddenly quiet,
every tree, branch, leaf, bud
still, motionless, settled, silent,

like a freeze had returned.
The only noise, my heartbeat,
heartfelt, pulse-rise each beat
and I realized at that moment,

eyes open, I can see
that I was alive and free
to choose the direction
of the next step I will take.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good news poetry submission - MiPO

A little poetry brag again today.

This morning, I submitted a few poems to MiPOesias and within an hour got a response back from the editor. She wants one of the poems for a future issue of MiPO. It's a piece written recently, one I held onto with the group especially for a MiPO submission as I have been eyeing this excellent magazine for several months and I am super happy and honored to get this good news today. It's a print and PDF version journal.

MiPO website is here
There are links there to purchase current and past issues of MiPO.

Here's a sample of a recent issue that is online also. Great stuff!

The editor, Didi Menendez is also an artist and has a really cool blog displaying her art here

Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome Home Stanley!

Hometown hockey team
2008 Champions!!!
Now they can shave their beards!
Detroit Red Wings
2008 Stanley Cup Champions!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Forgotten Fruit

from October 2006

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mother Poem

A poem I wrote a few weeks ago that I'll share here today, Memorial Day in the States, for Mom.

It's been almost 28 years since cancer took her, but Mother, you are in my thoughts almost evey day still.


In the middle of their season,
filled with nourishing fruit,
some half eaten, dissembled,
a natural disaster discovered.
Tender blossoms, hovered over,

protected each day, look up,
once her precious seeds;
their buds have eyes that rain
as cancer has stripped her
a bark-less log, withered.

The plummet of coverings,
gravity is a greedy force.
Beneath the tender layers
like a plague, disease takes
until the instant winds,

woodchopper fierce, remove balance,
and pull her down, horizontal earth.
The birds and the beetles
gather in a feast chorus
of chew, peel, and carry music,

a song of disappearance
yet that that has been
left behind, little leaves,
tiny twigs with her marrow,
if only in one's mind

can nurture some strength.
The young will grow up
eventually, rise high enough
to shade the soil from the sun;
the place her roots still lay.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cause & Effect

Good news on the poetry front. Cause & Effect magazine will publish one of my poems in their August 2008 Issue #10. Payment is a free copy of the magazine my poem publishes in. (better then a kick in the

I also received a rejection from another editor but he sent me the nicest personal note including well wishes for my kids. I will try harder to submit a better group to him next fall when their submissions are open again.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, May 23, 2008

More "Up North" Photos

I am here, but my brain is still north,
in the woods where life seems purer,
each breath savored like a swallow of red
I hold it in, save me from drowning.