Monday, September 29, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Over 4500 and counting

It’s A Shame

He said… “To War”,
with hands buried deep
fondling subcontractor wads
in white cotton pockets
hidden behind, beside
the pleats of his finest
custom fit black trouser.
His bollocks are held close
fuzzy, warm, and protected,
just the tip of a finger
away and checked often.
With each death,
be it by ambush,
IRB, or friendly fire,
another name is added
to a form note
and delivered solemnly
by those whose duty
it is to inform.
His eyes are down,
to feign mourning
yet someday much to late,
we will all know
about the shame.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More New Cool Personal Poetry News

Hello all!

It's been a great couple weeks since my last personal Poetry News update. Although my streak of four acceptances in a row ended with a rejection from Pedestal Magazine, I did manage to get 12 poem acceptances from four Lit Zines in the past week or so. Yes, I am smiling!

First off, Michael Ogletree, the Poetry Editor of Sub Lit Magazine sent me a reply saying they will be using five of my poems in their November Issue. Michael sent a very nice note to me, one a writer always enjoys receiving and I am honored to be part of Sub Lit. Thank you muchly Michael!

I had two acceptances yesterday. First off, The editor of Flutter Poetry Journal Sandy Benitez alerted me that they have chosen one of mine for their October Issue. You have to check out Flutter, it's a beautiful magazine. The layout is so aesthetically pleasing. I love it! There are lot's of great reads there including my friend Rachel in the current issue and it's really easy to find your way around there. I am proud to be part of this magazine! Thanks again!

Then, later in the day, I heard back with an acceptance from Oonah V’yonne Joslin, the Managing Editor at Every Day Poets concerning the re-write requested poem that I had submitted back to them two days ago. Now, Duotrope Digest classifies EDP as a "Fledgling Market" because they are less then six months old but I think it is really great to be in on the ground floor of this magazine. They are preparing to launch the Mag on November 1st by posting one poem each and "Every Day". I have subscribed to receiving their daily feed and am excited for them. It's a place with very special people editing. The editorial staff, Nicholas Ozment, Constance Brewer, and Oonha provide personal comments on each poem submitted to them for publication. This is very rare these days I think. So, let's say you get rejected, you will know why the piece did not appeal to each one of them. This particular poem on the first go around had an area or two that prevented them from accepting it but they did like a lot of it and challenged me to improve it and re-submit. They really gave me some nice replies back on acceptance and this my friends is is like a piece of gold a poet can store away in their pocket, a treasure! I would high recommend all who desire publication to submit your work to Every Day Poets.

Finally, today I heard back from Alison Ross of Clockwise Cat. I had a couple poems in their Issue 10 and she is really busy putting the finishing touches on Issue 11 due out any day now. She let me know that all five of the poems I submitted to them will be part of Issue 12 due out in late December. Thanks Alison! I am happy to be back at CC.

Okay, wooo,(deep breath) I currently have 19 pieces pending response with a wait times ranging from 130 days to 2 days... so I wait, write and revise when I can, and research for my next round of submissions. Another cool fact is that all 12 poems accepted as explained above are part of either of the two chapbook manuscripts that I have compiled and submitted for a chance at publiction to two different Small Press Publishers. Now I have some editing of acknowledgment pages in each that needs to take place to give these fine Magazines proper credit for being the first to publish each poem. Fun stuff!!

Peace and love!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

A week or so ago, I was blessed with a nice surprise. Jerry at As The Crackerhead Crumbles blog was nice enough to award my blog.

I love his blogs too. They are really unique and informative sharing blog links every week to great places to visit. He's a wonderful human also. Thanks again sir!

For my part, I would like to pass this along to some of my most fave bloggerrific places to visit. There is no wiggit so you all will just have to save the image to your My Documents and then paste it on your site if you would like to display the award. Thanks to each of you. Yes!! I love Your Blog!!

LaLa at True Clarity

Robin at Naked In Eden

Maya at MAYA-Japanese actress/model

Chedwick at Tangled Up in L'Heure Bleue

Maggie at A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door

and finally

LKD at Possum
who I have been reading for a long time, way before I ever thought of having a blog myself.

Thanks to you all!! I love your Blogs!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Po News

It's kind of interesting how the ebb and flow of poem submissions goes.

During July and August I had a streak of 10 or so rejections in a row. Now September is here and in the past couple days two more acceptances which makes three in a row now.

Thanks to the Literary Tonic Editors for accepting and posting one of mine Thursday.
Shattered Silence is the title.

Yesterday, I was informed by the editors of The Orange Room Review that I will be included in their October issue. Thanks Corey and Rachael!!

Visit and support the online and small presses!!

Peace and love to all!


Okay, I usually do not play the tag games but this one is sounds fun and the person who tagged me one of the good ones, so here I go.

I was tagged by Possum, whos blog I enjoy regularly. She has provided the tasks.

First, a list of 6 unremarkable facts about yours truely.

1. I wear size 10 shoes.

2. I live in Michigan yet I still despise winter.

3. My favorite pro athelete of all time is Bo Jackson.

4. I wake up every day at 6am even on the weekends with no alarm set.

5. I love coffee and drink it black, no cream or sugar.

6. I have carried a small crystal enhydro stone with me every day for eight years.

Next, I need to tag six more friends so

I'm tagging Letty, Rachel, Nicole, Jerry, Lala, & Robin.

Finally, here are the rules folks.

Share 6 unspectacular things about yourself, tag 6 other folks, post the rules, and post a link back to the person who tagged you.

Well, I hope you enjoy this and have fun showing the blogosphere just how truly unremarkable you are!

Peace and love!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tragic Day

I am deeply saddened today. My next door neighbor's 17 year old daughter was killed in a car accident while on her way to school this morning. Her name is Chelsea and she's the same age as my daughter.

Please keep Chelsea, her parents, and family in your prayers.

Local News Story

It was scarey for me for a short time when I first heard a local person at work talking about it this morning, when they said "a 17 year old Romeo High School girl was killed" my heart went in my throat. I texted my kid and she answered thankfully. Then when I discovered it was my neighbor next door, again, my heart became heavy and still is. I said hi to her and her dad last evening and her and I actually pulled out of our driveways this morning at the same time. Chilling.

Two of the three other kids in the car were also neighborhood kids and thankfully they are ok.

A couple last things to remember because life is a precious gift.

Don't ever go to bed mad.

Never pass up an opportunity to tell the ones you love
"I love you"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Every Day Poets acceptance

Some good news for me on the poetry front finally. After receiving a bunch of rejections in a row the past few weeks, Every Day Poets has accepted one of my poems. Here's a copy of their press release from a couple weeks ago.

For the scribes amongst you. Oonah V Joslin (Managing Editor) says: Every Day Poets is a magazine that specializes in bringing you fine, short poetry. Starting on 1st November 2008, every day at 12:01am Pacific Time (8am GMT), we will be publishing a new poem of up to 60 lines/500 words or fewer that can be read during your lunch hour, in transit, or even over breakfast. Feel free to browse around the site, check out our archives as they grow, or even sign up to receive a poem in your inbox... every day! And if you are a poet, why not send us your best work? We are open for submissions now.

Thanks to Oonah and the editorial staff for the acceptance and for providing personal feedback on all three poems I submitted. This was really cool and sort of rare from my experience. Three members of the editorial staff provided feedback on each poem. On the accepted one, they mentioned what they liked and a couple little nits. On the rejected one, it didn't seem to appeal to them at all and they stated why. Then, the third one was mixed, some good and some room for improvement, they asked for a re-write and re-submission if I wish. This may take a couple weeks of revising, but I enjoyed reading their takes on the areas that need work. Really valuable input in my opinion. THANKS! As one of them stated, a poem is never finished and I couldn't agree more. It's always good to step back and revise to see what may come of it.

For those of you interested, you can submit to Every Day Poets here.

Peace and love!

Friday, September 5, 2008

R Jay

by T. Melanson

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twisted Poem

The Twist

The breeze breath
inside bubble burst
only on release
of her sharp touch.

Prospects of love
through shaft extravagant,
vascular’s dim lit drop
into gravity’s moist keep,
web-tied and twisted.

Black widow meal
consumed by feel
suck relentlessly,
such a rent was he.