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Poem up at The Pedestal Magazine

The December 2008 issue of The Pedestal Magazine dropped today with my poem "Finger Print" on board.

Thanks again to Poetry editor Arlene Ang and Editor In Chief John Amen for including me. I am happy to be a small part of their magazine.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday to you all.

Peace and love!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Poetry Update - acceptances

Here is my recent personal poetry news concerning recent acceptances and publications.

I had a couple rejections and one submission sent back with the editor stating he is reformating his magazine and going a new direction. I also had one poem accepted then pulled back a day later which I guess sometimes happens...oh well. Keep writing, submitting, and reading!

Three acceptances since my last note.

First, The Pedestal Magazine let me know that they will be using my poem "Finger Print" in their forthcoming December 2008 issue due to drop any day. My thanks to this month's poetry editor Arlene Ang and the Editor In Chief John Amen for the acceptance and for working with me to get me into their fine magazine. I am really excited about getting published in TPM and this poem publication also comes along with the pretty sweet cash payment, always a good thing huh!

Next, Hanging Moss Journal has accepted two of my poems for their next issue. I am a big fan of the editor Steve Meador so big time appreciation to you Steve for these acceptances. Steve's latest book "Throwing Percy From The Cherry Tree" has been nominated for a National Book Award and The Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Great stuff, I recommend everyone to pick up a copy of this book right away. It would make a great Christmas gift!

Finally, I am honored to be included in the forthcoming Issue #1 of Gutter Eloquence Magazine due to be published before January 5, 2009. The editor, Jack T. Marlowe, was kind enough to allow a slight re-write on my poem "The Greatest Fear" to get it to an acceptable level for their likes. I definitely appreciate you working with me on this Jack, thanks and I am excited about your new magazine's debut issue! Congrats!

Yellow Mama #11 dropped the other day with my poem "High Enough To Die" on board. Click the link to go and check it out. Thanks a lot Cindy for the publication. I really enjoy reading your magazine!

Happy holidays to you all. Thanks for reading today!

Peace and love!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter White

Saturday In Winter I Come Clean

I poem through morning till noonish,
when dishful sink speaks
of a waterfall rinse
and throw rug corner-curls up
like a cat near fire,

her peaceful rise and fall of fur
thicker in the winter.
Floor of hardwood,
with its mismatched grains
showing yet not telling

the years avoiding fire,
creaks of moisture pull
as dust bunnies hop away
from me into corners
hoping to stay unseen and grow.

If I choose, I can etch-a-sketch
stick people on the tables
dancing around a summer bonfire
before rag erasing the dust and lint
raised by stomped feet.

Environmental disasters aside,
power cells crave a recharge,
to pillow my head
and nothing but breathe
if only but an hour.

Then comes the end of light,
where week’s work wakes
trying to remember
what it’s like to be alive
on the outside.

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What The Kid Can Do

ten tries till too
practiced in the art
of stipulation
add in that one word
on sentence end
to let all meaning
reverse the tide
back up the flow
until a generational flood
covers the gap
the impact of air
separated by hand
guides the waters
murky with silt
toward the area
runoff can occur

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some poetry updates/news

Hello friends!

Some good news on the personal poetry front. Along with a handful of rejections, I got a few acceptances, and also a couple recent or upcoming publications on past acceptances.


Right Hand Pointing let me know that they will be publishing my poem titled "Remorse" in their Issue #24 due out in February 2009. I definitely recommend traveling to RHP's site and reading there. Besides their regular issues, they have an awesome collection of E-Chap Books published online including some from a couple of my favorite poets Howie Good and Allen Peterson. Many thanks to the general editor Dale Wisely for including me.

I also heard back from Oak Bend Review's editor Sandee Lyles saying they are going to publish my poem "Half Hidden" in their March/April 2009 issue. This poem is part of my chapbook that is out at a publisher since July awaiting response. Thanks Sandee!! It's a beautiful magazine!!

Finally, a couple days ago, The Rose & Thorn's editor Cesar Garza let me know that they will be including my poem "If Asked One Can Walk On Water" in their upcoming Winter 2008 issue. He said some really nice things in the acceptance letter which is always cool and R&T pays $$ for their contributors poems, always a great bonus huh. R&T has been one of my favorite places to visit along with their informative blog so I am really excited to get the opportunity to be a part of their magazine. THANKS!!

Recent Publication:

Sub Lit volume 2 issue 2 dropped the other day. The editor alerted me that my five previously accepted poems are on line in the issue. I appreciate the friendly letter I received from the editor Michael Ogletree alerting me that Sub Lit 6 is up. What a great person he is, one I concider a friend. Thanks Sub Lit and Michael!

Coming Soon:

Every Day Poets released their month # 2 December 2008 Table Of Contents two days ago and on December 9th, my poem "The Window Between" will be published there. Many thanks again to the editors there for including another one of my works this month.

My (Twisted) Christmas Poem "Please Sing Me A Reindeer Song" will be in the December issue of Twisted Tongue Magazine due out any day. They are a print mag based in the UK. A free PDF will be available via the link on the website. Hard copies of the print edition can be purchased via the link on the site (Europe) or from in the States (shipping costs are more affordable there). I am looking forward to reading it!!

The holiday's are quickly approaching huh. It was my New Year's Resolution in January to hit this poetry thing hard in 2008 to see how far I could get including getting a book MS togther. I am happy to say, this is one resolution that was accomplished in my mind at least. Thanks for reading!!

Peace and love!