Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some poetry updates/news

Hello friends!

Some good news on the personal poetry front. Along with a handful of rejections, I got a few acceptances, and also a couple recent or upcoming publications on past acceptances.


Right Hand Pointing let me know that they will be publishing my poem titled "Remorse" in their Issue #24 due out in February 2009. I definitely recommend traveling to RHP's site and reading there. Besides their regular issues, they have an awesome collection of E-Chap Books published online including some from a couple of my favorite poets Howie Good and Allen Peterson. Many thanks to the general editor Dale Wisely for including me.

I also heard back from Oak Bend Review's editor Sandee Lyles saying they are going to publish my poem "Half Hidden" in their March/April 2009 issue. This poem is part of my chapbook that is out at a publisher since July awaiting response. Thanks Sandee!! It's a beautiful magazine!!

Finally, a couple days ago, The Rose & Thorn's editor Cesar Garza let me know that they will be including my poem "If Asked One Can Walk On Water" in their upcoming Winter 2008 issue. He said some really nice things in the acceptance letter which is always cool and R&T pays $$ for their contributors poems, always a great bonus huh. R&T has been one of my favorite places to visit along with their informative blog so I am really excited to get the opportunity to be a part of their magazine. THANKS!!

Recent Publication:

Sub Lit volume 2 issue 2 dropped the other day. The editor alerted me that my five previously accepted poems are on line in the issue. I appreciate the friendly letter I received from the editor Michael Ogletree alerting me that Sub Lit 6 is up. What a great person he is, one I concider a friend. Thanks Sub Lit and Michael!

Coming Soon:

Every Day Poets released their month # 2 December 2008 Table Of Contents two days ago and on December 9th, my poem "The Window Between" will be published there. Many thanks again to the editors there for including another one of my works this month.

My (Twisted) Christmas Poem "Please Sing Me A Reindeer Song" will be in the December issue of Twisted Tongue Magazine due out any day. They are a print mag based in the UK. A free PDF will be available via the link on the website. Hard copies of the print edition can be purchased via the link on the site (Europe) or from Lulu.com in the States (shipping costs are more affordable there). I am looking forward to reading it!!

The holiday's are quickly approaching huh. It was my New Year's Resolution in January to hit this poetry thing hard in 2008 to see how far I could get including getting a book MS togther. I am happy to say, this is one resolution that was accomplished in my mind at least. Thanks for reading!!

Peace and love!


Jee Leong Koh said...

You are publishing up a storm! Congrats!


Calder said...

Thanks Jee, yep, for sure, I've been working it and getting very forturnate to get the acceptances I've received this year. Good times.

Congrats again on your Pushcart nomination, that is such good news, I am REALLY happy for you and you really deserve it too.

Peace and love
R Jay

Anonymous said...

wow! your 2009's shaping up as did this year--HUGE congrats, calderman! can't wait to read it all!!!