Saturday, October 24, 2009

American Poet Portraits by Didi Menendez

My portrait was rendered and posted on Didi Menendez's American Poet Portraits 2 website today. Thanks Didi, your art is more flattering than me in real life... smiles!

See it here: R Jay Slais portrait

Here's the link to her site. American Poet Portraits 2 Check out all her great work. For those whom may not know Didi, Didi Menendez is a Cuban-born American artist and author. She is also a publisher of several literary magazines including MiPOesias, OCHO, Oranges & Sardines, and Poets And Artists. Her publishing company is GOSS183.
Her latest book of poetry is WHEN I SAID GOODBYE released by BLAZEVOX.

Here's a snapshot but I hope you visit her site too.


LaLa said...

Very flattering to have a portrait of yourself! (((Calder))) I'll be sure to stop by Didi's site since she has such good taste. :)

Calder said...

You are so kind my friend. Thank you for all that. Didi is an inspiration for sure, love her!!
Hope you are doing well. Thanks again!