Friday, October 9, 2009

Poetry Reading in Detroit

I finally got out last weekend and did a open mic poetry reading. This was my first one.

It was an event sponsored by Troubadour 21, a great new lit mag here in the Metro Detroit area. It was hosted by The Sweet Epiphany in Detroit. Proprietors Karma Qsaay and Jennifer Williams are providing the area a place to enjoy music, art, and poetry. They strive to educate and expose our youth to the arts in a positve evironment. Great people!

This was a two day event and I went on the second day. Poets that read on stage the second day included local poets Ber-Henda Williams, Brook Blander, Zach Ashley, William B. Burkholder, Carlton Smith, Matvey Troitsky, Karma Qsaay Williams, Jennifer Williams and myself. Diane Borsenik from Cleveland Ohio also came up to perform her poetry. Local artists Adam Klimec and Anthony Callis headlined the show with their their paintings plus other headliners included photography by Courtney McClenahan and wonderful hand-crafted jewelry by Christina Douglas.
I had a great time and stayed until after midnight, a long night but well worth it.

Thanks to The Sweet Epiphany for providing the venue and T21 for sponsoring the event.

Here's a couple photos of me reading there. Photos by Diane Borsenik. Thanks Dianne!


LaLa said...

Super awesome you cutey patutey!! Next time we want video!

Calder said...

Thanks Lala, you always make me smile. You're the cutey patutey!

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