Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy first Birthday Chloe

She's one today. We got her at eight weeks old back in February, a tiny little fluffball. Now she's a huge fluffball, 13 pounds worth of lover kitty. Sometimes she thinks she's a dog though, she has this little bark she does and she loves playing fetch with her little soccer ball. Happy birthday Chloe!


Dianne said...

Hey, kittens are poetry!
We have 2 new this year also, I no longer tell folks in the hospital they are weak as a kitten. mine broke the toilet tank lid in 4 pieces.
But....Thats for another blog day! Or a Friday 55 Flash Fiction!

the walking man said...

God save the world from cat people.
ha ha ha

R Jay said...

Hi Dianne, I call those incidents "Cat-tastrophies"
Thanks for the read and friendly comment!

R Jay said...

Hi Mark

Now how did I know you would say something like that. hehee.
Thanks for stopping!

LKD said...

She's truly beautiful.

Her tail is damned amazing. It's huge.

Do you have to brush her? It looks like she's neither short nor long haired but somewhere in between.

Thanks for you good thoughts for Elmo. I think the old guy is on his way out of this world. I find out the results of the lab work tomorrow.

R Jay said...

Hi L... thinking about you guys there, hope your Elmo is ok. Thanks for visiting Chloe

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