Saturday, December 5, 2009

Latest Poetry Happenings

It's been a little slow on the poetry front mostly because I was putting a lot of time into getting my Mice Verses Man book ms and the galley perfected with the publisher so I wasn't submitting a whole lot during that time plus I have a few submissions that have been out for a couple months.

Anyway, I did hear back with a poem acceptance from a new lit mag called fourpaperletters for their January 2010 issue. Many thanks to the editor Laura Issacman. Looking forward to being a part of your magazine!

I also heard from editor Lori A. May from The Ambassador Poetry Project. A fairly new literary magazine based near the Detroit metro area named after the Ambassador Bridge. She accepted two of my poems for their March 2010 Spring issue. Thank you Lori! I hope to meet you some day too at a reading or whatever.

Since my last update, I also received two sets of rejections.

The publisher of my forthcoming book, Robin Stratton, shared one of the review excerps meant for the back cover of Mice Verses Man with me today. It's is from Steve Meador who has three fine poetry books out, all of which I own by the way, and also is the editor of the literary mag Hanging Moss Journal.

Here's his review. thanks Steve!

“R Jay Slais braids nature with humor and face-slapping reality that allows the reader to feel like a longtime friend. He is adept with language, structure and planting seeds of emotion, and one cannot help but feel lifted by 'January and all its newness is coming.'”
Steve Meador - author of Throwing Percy from the Cherry Tree

Winter is setting in here in Michigan. No snow here yet, but brrrrrrrr it is cold.



the walking man said...

Two acceptances and two rejections, not a bad average there R Jay.

Well done sir, well done.

R Jay said...

Thanks for stopping in my friend and for the encouraging comment too.
See ya soon!

catvibe said...

Hi R Jay, thanks for our comment on my blog. And, cute kitty there underneath this post. I am a sucker for cats, I must say. Looking forward to reading your poetry!

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