Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Breathless Fish (poem)

she is a fish
with sea shaped gills

throughout the night
I pour water on her

my tongue can decipher
waterfall linguistics

an electric factory
with ample juice

to finally eviscerate
the reservoir inside

she swallows the ocean
when she drowns

call of tidal moon
pucker of quivered lips

saturated she wriggles
breathless on the bed

CH 2oo8


Rachel said...

I like the central image/metaphor of this poem, and its a good draft. Love the final stanza.

Calder said...

Thanks for stopping in Rachel!! It's just a little fishy poem, nuttin to heavy. Winks!!


Tess MacKall said...

Nuttin' too heavy? Damn, B but you are also the master of understatement too...aren't you?

That "little fishy poem" has a very sexy sexy ring.

I soooo wish I was a mermaid right now. I'd most certainly sing my Siren's Song.


Calder said...

Hiya Tess!!

So glad your enjoyed Fishy, she's still flopping around by the way, wanting more water and tongue language translation. Oh fishy...Smiles!!

Thanks for the read and comment friend!