Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kick me

Yesterday, one of those super suckified days, started out with six more inches of snow over night. Oh, how I love shoveling the two foot mound of snowplow jism blocking my exit from the drive. 6:30 am, puffing and huffing to build a bigger mountain on the sides. Did I say how sick I am of winter yet? Ah… ya. So I kick the gerbils, throw em some seeds, and off I slide. A steering-wheel-gripping hour later, I arrive to find out they hadn’t plowed most of our parking lot at work. My second set of cold, wet feet where found walking inside.

Am I happy to be there? Well, I didn’t even get that thought thought when littlebossman calls me in his office and shuts the door. Uh-oh. It appears bigbossman shoved a hot poker up his rear first thing this morning, and twisted it a bit. So littlebossman, in his wide eyed (but kind as he could be) way, needed to transfer some heat. From there, we were all taskmasters most of the day trying to bail us out some, so bigbossman could go home tonight satisfied and forget about us for a day or two and figure out who his next probing victim may be.

I always have to have a plan, being of the single parent kind, raising kid1 and kid2. Planning is crucial. Shortly after the closed door affair, a “Mandatory” meeting notice blings into the email box, scheduled for the late afternoon. “ Attend or else”… gulp. Another problem. Surprise, today is kid2’s every other week counseling session and because of doctor’s busy schedule, it’s earlier then normal this week. So I summon my best groveling skills up from my gut and call him to cancel/re-schedule with 8 hours notice. Thankfully, he was cool about it (not cool would be a $135 charge for missing the appointment) and rescheduled for the weekend morning. So what, we are up to like 9am now, what will happen next? The phone rings. It’s the ex’s social worker (the ex is in jail again, got DUI #2, then failed a blow test, part of her sentencing a month later - daahh) so social worker lady says she is calling on psyco ex’s behalf to tell me I am on her visitation list for tonight 7-10PM, and wondered if I would bring the kids down too. Let’s see, do I want to go to a downtown Detroit jail tonight (or ever) ? NO! Sorry social worker lady, the kids won’t be seeing their mom there today or any day, you can tell their mom that. That is one humiliating degradation, lifetime memory nightmare, I choose not to put them through. “Goodbye”.

I stayed in my little box and typed furiously as much as I could the rest of the day – besides attending two meetings – and we survived that meeting at the end of the day. The day’s bright spot… my lovely daughter, kid1, had dinner just about ready when I got home. Of course, I couldn’t eat right away as tonight was phone conference meeting night with Korean and Mexican customers. Thankfully, the meeting was a short and friendly one. FOOD!!! It was delicious, spaghetti and home made garlic bread. At least it didn’t snow again last night. A new day… full of opportunity!


Tess MacKall said...

You sound like me. Although I don't have the kids anymore. I was just their Aunt. So after raising them for ten years the psycho Mom decided she wanted them back. There was nothing I could do about it. Aunts don't have rights to their nieces and nephews in this country. God only knows what is happening to them now. My little boy is only 11. I wonder if I'll ever see him again. Or the girls.

Turbokittykat said...

I could really feel the angst, nice writing. I'm going to continue visiting . . . for the both the writing and the excellent pix!