Sunday, March 30, 2008

More of my poems accepted

It was a pretty busy week for getting back responses
from editors on my poetry submissions.

Two rejections but the good news,
three poems were accepted for publication.

A couple will publish in Mid May
and one per the email response from
the Boston Literary Magazine's
Editor-In-Chief, in Mid to late June.

I just have to share her response
as it is one that you don't often get as a writer.

Here it is copy/pasted from the email:


I'm so in love with "The Lake Has Not Changed" that I can't even stand it... even if the poem was bad, I'd have taken it just for the "turtle" line... but the poem is a WONDER. I LOVE it!! Thank you so much for letting us have it, it's on its way to my editor now... and thanks for sending the bio... the summer issue will be out mid to late June... thanks again!!

Robin Stratton
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Pretty cool huh!!!


Letty Cruz said...

Thanks for the e-hug :)

Rachel said...

VERY nice! Congrats.

Letty Cruz said...

& WOW, congratulations! & I see on TodayInSeven that your Monday is shaping up pretty much like mine -- kick butt there, too :)

Calder said...

Thanks for the double visit Letty. Hope your night is a good one!!
Also, cheers on the props too!

more hugz!! ((((Letty))))

Calder said...

Appreciate that Rachel C. Hope all is well your way my friend! I enjoyed reading your poem in POTS mag. Well done there. Good luck getting more of yours published too! You have what it takes!

Smiles and hugs!

Letty Cruz said...

Run run run, such an addictive and soul cleansing act, after one gets in shape at least and can begin to enjoy to solitude of it and the spritual aspects that keep you coming back to it. I was born to run, but it seems like lifetimes ago since those days, but I wouldn't trade the 25,000 miles I ran during my training and racing career for nothing. It taught me many things and yes, my lower extremities may ache sometimes on rainy days but in my mind, I remember those studly days fondly.

Have fun, hit all those sprinklers for me too! Thanks for taking me back in time to some good memories.


just read this, ah yes, soul-cleansing is the perfect way to describe what I missed about running outdoors, and about yoga, too. Tonight I'm all run-out, haha! Good night :)

LaLa said...

Congratulations. I've always loved poetry that is different. Even though most of mine as a teen was usually fueled by love, sorrow or typical teenage angst. Your poems make me's a good way to exercise my brain.

LKD said...

Pretty cool, indeed.

Tess MacKall said...

Congratulations, Bobby. I can't wait to read the poem. I already love the title.

And I know what you mean when an editor gets excited like that! I had it happen just last week. What a feeling!