Monday, May 26, 2008

Mother Poem

A poem I wrote a few weeks ago that I'll share here today, Memorial Day in the States, for Mom.

It's been almost 28 years since cancer took her, but Mother, you are in my thoughts almost evey day still.


In the middle of their season,
filled with nourishing fruit,
some half eaten, dissembled,
a natural disaster discovered.
Tender blossoms, hovered over,

protected each day, look up,
once her precious seeds;
their buds have eyes that rain
as cancer has stripped her
a bark-less log, withered.

The plummet of coverings,
gravity is a greedy force.
Beneath the tender layers
like a plague, disease takes
until the instant winds,

woodchopper fierce, remove balance,
and pull her down, horizontal earth.
The birds and the beetles
gather in a feast chorus
of chew, peel, and carry music,

a song of disappearance
yet that that has been
left behind, little leaves,
tiny twigs with her marrow,
if only in one's mind

can nurture some strength.
The young will grow up
eventually, rise high enough
to shade the soil from the sun;
the place her roots still lay.


Sandpiper said...

Nice writings and pictures on your blog. You have a great blog! Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

Meghna said...

That was a beautiful poem, filled with feelings and expressed with the right phrases.

Cassandra said...

Beautiful poem and imagery. I like how you've used nature to capture the spirit of your mother.

Calder said...

You are welcome Sandpiper, and thanks to you also!! Have a great day!


Calder said...

Thank you Maghna!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Calder said...

Hi Cassandra!

Thanks for the visit here and also for the lovely comment on my poem.


MAYA said... really makes me think.The place her roots still lay,yes,that's right,the continuation of miracle.....I love your poems,and congratulations about Cause&Effect!I just won't upload my blogs for three days,so have a great week-end,Calder!Ciao!

BloggersDelight said...

This is a heart-felt poem.

We appreciate that you took the time to stop by our corner of the blog-world and leave a comment. We have added you to our blog-roll.

Saadia Ali Aschemann said...

Wonderful poem-such heartfelt words.

Thank you for visiting me, Darling. I look forward to reading more of your work.

CapCity said...

Wow! since meeting u over at bd2write i've been exploring your spot here. Nice place, Calder! the imagery used in your poems is wonderful! the photographs captivating! did U create that drawing used for your profile? it's luvly, too!

Maggie said...


The missing never ends, does it? On my way home from FL, I passed the Veteran's cemetery where my father is buried and all I could see in my mind was his body, in that casket, his suit, his hands folded, his eyes and voice forever gone, and I so keenly felt the missing. I feel it many days, and I know I always will.

The cemetery is about 35 miles from my home (which is in KY). I have to go by it after I get off I-24 and on to 41 North. I have not been to the grave since last fall, but Dad's not there. He's everywhere but there, if you follow me.

Lovely poem to your mother. I hope you and your boys enjoyed the holiday.


Maggie said...

Sorry--just realized your "two" were son and daughter! I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend!