Monday, May 19, 2008

Daughter Poem

Just A Girl

A daughter flower
bloomed at sunrise,
moody clouds
shade her petals.

Each month
that new leaf blossoms,
on the opposite side
of the branch,
just below the one
that came before.

The moist air rise
mists only so far
as a condensed layer
will allowance.

She is boned to bear
his understanding inside,
of the weight
it takes to spark steel.

Shes durable,
plenty sandpaper
to make the wood
sliver smooth.


LaLa said...

"Moody clouds shade her petals" a perfect description of the different ways girls can be, especially in our teenage years. I think that's why I admire my Dad so much. He had 3 daughters and a wife to contend with. LOL. I still catch him smiling at us for no reason other than we're his daughters, all grown up.

MAYA said...

Calder!!!!Your daughter is so so beautiful!!!!She has such adorable hair!

Umm.....I really like your poem,you too,just like I make my philosophy with the beauty of Nature,your poem is refrecting the beauty of Universe!

Or,maybe the thing you are discribing has the beauty of Universe,what would you say?;-)

Tess MacKall said...

Words your daughter will cherish forever. You're a good Father, Bobby.