Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekend holiday away


MAYA said...

Oh my God,the photoes are fantastic!!!!! And I love deer and I really loved your photo of your family!
Congratulation,Calder to have a fantastic family with beautiful smiles!

Calder said...

Thanks Maya!! I will get some more photos up from this fun weekend soon.


LKD said...

The photograph of the deer reminds me of a poem by Frost.

Calder said...

Hi Laurel!

Which poem by Frost?

There were deer all over the place. We arrived at night and coming in from the freeway is about 45 minutes east, we saw 39 deer by or in the road. I was gripping to stearing wheel pretty tightly...lol.

Mia says "hi Bob"

Take care!

This Makes My Day said...

Amazing photo wonderful!!