Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good news poetry submission - MiPO

A little poetry brag again today.

This morning, I submitted a few poems to MiPOesias and within an hour got a response back from the editor. She wants one of the poems for a future issue of MiPO. It's a piece written recently, one I held onto with the group especially for a MiPO submission as I have been eyeing this excellent magazine for several months and I am super happy and honored to get this good news today. It's a print and PDF version journal.

MiPO website is here
There are links there to purchase current and past issues of MiPO.

Here's a sample of a recent issue that is online also. Great stuff!

The editor, Didi Menendez is also an artist and has a really cool blog displaying her art here


MAYA said...

Oh my God! Congratulations,Calder!!!!!
I'm so happy for you.........I love to see that "real"talented people are recognized by many people.

And thank you for your comments.....I hope I can upload more various picture,but with cellphone I can take pictures onle like this unfortunately....haha

Calder said...

Many thanks to you Maya for this visit and your nice comment. You are very sweet.

I do not know when it will be published yet (what date) but Didi Menendez, the MiPO editor, has already sent me the finished pages to proofread and I am really happy with them. She is very talented and creative editor. They turned out really good I think. It will also include a photo of me too along with the poem that was accepted for publication. I am looking forward to buying a copy when it is released.

Peace and love to you friend!