Sunday, June 29, 2008

MiPOesias Magazine July 2008

A little self promotion...

Yesterday, the July 2008 edition of MiPO was published included is one of my poems along with 101 pages total of poetry, a few short stories, and also some recipes.

My poem "Fluff" is on page 39 and my photo and bio appears on page 38.

Thanks so much to the editor Didi Menendez for including me! I have read some of the work in it and it's a great read so far.

Check it out here
There's a free downloadable PDF copy of MiPOesias or very soon it says one can purchase a hard copy from I will be supporting this publishing company by buying a copy or two. It's well worth the money!

For other information concerning MiPO and Didi, you can find the MiPOesias blog here.


FishHawk said...

Surely all of the stuff that has been said about the beauty of someone's soul applies unto your own.

Rachel said...

Great news, Calder! Personally, I'm still in the middle of my dry spell. Sigh. No worries, though. :)

Calder said...

Wow Jerry, thanks for that my friend. It is very nice of you to make a comment like that!

Calder said...

Hiya Rachel,

Thanks for the visit and cool comment about MiPO. I hope your dry spell ends soon, keep writing though because I am one of your biggest fans!

Peace and love!

Maggie said...


A big congrats to you on your publication!

And, I want you to know I will keep you in my mind and heart tomorrow. It gets easier with time, but it never goes away--the missing is always there, isn't it?

Peace be with you.

Calder said...

Thank you Maggie for the props and the kind sentiment. It means a lot my friend!

Peace and love!

LaLa said...

They know goods stuff when they read it!!

d. chedwick said...

Congrats--it isn't easy getting published!

RainforestRobin said...

What a GREAT poem!! I went and read it and saw your photo and bio. It is fantastic!! I was awed just reading the bio and then I read the poem and just LOVED it. So well written and full of many things: humor, humanity, warmth, love, and gentleness...and more. What an honor to be published there. I admire you for your persistence and skill. Very very well done!! I felt so happy for you! :) :)

Calder said...

Thanks a lot Lala, always great to see you. The editor Didi is a talented person and I am really honored to be in MiPO.


Calder said...

Great to see you here Chedwick. I have seen you over at Possem's blog, but it's really cool of you to visit me and take the time to comment!

Peace and love!

Calder said...

Hey Robin,

Many thanks my friend! You made me smile and blush with the wonderful comment. ((((((Robin))))))

The bio fretted me terribly for a couple days because the editor had specific things she wanted the authors to bio about, where they born and live and one could one list books published or awards won so that didn't give me a whole lot to mention. I have no books (yet - smiles!) and the one award I have won, a runner up in a poem contest has not been officially announced yet by the publishing company, so I had to get my creative side going. Glad you enjoyed that. Thanks for the awesome props Robin!!