Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Props to Cause & Effect Magazine

I got a nice surprise in the mailbox today, my contributer copy of Cause & Effect Magazine #10, August 2008.

It's a nice little gem with a lot of great poetry and fiction contained within its pages from twenty or so writers. I am honored to get my poem, "The Plagiarist" included in this edition. Big thanks to the editors Ben, Jack, and Denis for including me.

There's a link to the C & E website off to the right side on this homepage. Go visit and support the small presses!

It's always great to see your work in print, very exciting every time!! Smiles!!

Peace and love!


Anonymous said...


Always happy to read
such great news.
I admire you for writing
this one.... an excellent


FishHawk said...

They are certainly displaying good judgment by including you!!!

Anonymous said...

huge congrats!!
wish i could read the poems as samples on the website.
most excellent publishing year *kudos*

LaLa said...

Congrats my man!! It's great that they recognize your talent. Thanks for sharing.

New Age Bitch said...


Hmm, now I sound like a spammer. But it's ALWAYS good to see one's own words in print. Never fails.