Saturday, August 9, 2008

Publication news

I got the author's Proof from Neon Magazine this week to read and prove correct prior to it being sent to the printers next week. It will be published in September and contains two of mine. Exciting stuff, the mag looks great, a lot of great poems by some terrific poets. I can't wait to get my contributer's copy.

Other then that, not much luck on the submission front. Five rejections in a row right now. I have written a few new poems but things have been a bit slow on that front.

Take care friends.

Peace and love!


LaLa said...

You're doing great, it must be great to see your work in print. Congrats.

FishHawk said...

I'm glad to hear about you getting some good news. I was starting to get really worried. For you have been riding a roller-coaster of epic highs and lows lately, and I was hoping that it would stay on the tracks until you could ride on a high stretch for a while. Be assured that all of those people who insist that one must take the bitter with the sweet in order to truly enjoy the fruit of their labor haven't had much to eat, or just don't have any taste buds!!!

FishHawk said...

I have an award for you. Please go here to check it out:

Letty Cruz said...

About the rejections, as that lofty hip-hop track -- the title of which escapes my mind tonight -- says:

"dust yo shoulda! SHAKE IT OFF!"

because you know you're the shizznit!

Calder said...

Hi LaLa!
Thank you friend. It's always good to see you have visited!!

Hello Jerry,
Thanks for the visit and awarding my Blog, the "Kick Ass Blog Award".

I will have to get back to your page and figure out what I supposed to do to keep it rolling through the blog-o-sphere.
God bless buddy!

Hey there Letty,
Thanks for the visit and nice comment. I am used to rejections I suppose. After all, I went my first 4 years of submitting getting 100% rejections before this year. It also says, some poems should contimue to be revised and I need to continue to write, write, write, new ones too.

Peace and love my friend! Keep it warm!