Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A couple new online Lit Mag pubs

Two new publications online in the past few days for your reading pleasure.

Three poems were accepted and published at Mad Swirl.
Many thanks to the editor Johnny! It's great to back in the flow swirling madly.

I am honored to have my poem "What? About Me?" in the debut issue of tinfoildresses magazine. There's a lot of great poems there to be read so click the link and enjoy. The editor Heather Ann Schmidt has put together a great new magazine. Congrats to you Heather and thank you for including me.

Peace and love!


FishHawk said...

Four acceptances, with no mention of any rejections. GREAT POST!!!

Letty Cruz said...

uuughghghg!!! JEALOUS and HAPPY for ya (((MUAH)))) thanks for dropping by! Missed u much <3

Calder said...

Hey Jerry, thanks buddy, these were just recent publications of past acceptances, got to give these fin mags all the props I can. But yes, I have a couple more acceptances and a few rejects... post coming later.

Hehee Letty, thanks for the greetings and smiles. appreciate that my friend!