Sunday, November 9, 2008

Latest Personal Poetry News

It's been a few weeks since I spoke about the po scene personally, so here we go.
The only recent publication was on Novemeber 1st where my poem "Enter The Unknown" was the debut poem Every Day Poets magazine.

I will have several poems coming out in the next two weeks in some of the mags listed on the right side of my blog according to their publication schedules.

First off, six sets of rejections but the good news, I did have 3 acceptances also.

Debuting their first edition on January 15, 2009, Bird's Eye reView accepted one of poems. The editor sent me a really nice note that I'll share. THANKS Amy!! I am honored to be part of your magazine.
Thank you for your interest in Bird's Eye reView. I am happy to say that we will be utilizing your poem "After the Fall" for our January 2009 issue, set to be out January 15th.
Thanks for your great contribution; your poem impressed me and it's work like this that makes this editor-thing worth it!

Best regards,
Amy L. George

My friends at Every Day Poets have accepted a third poem from me titled " Autumn Belle". Thanks again to the editors Oohna, Constance, and Nicholas.

Finally, today I recieved news back from Twisted Tongue Magazine. It's a print mag based in the UK. My Poem "Please Sing Me A Reindeer Song" will be published in their Christmas issue, Twisted Tongue Issue 12. My poem is definitely twisted too! Much appreciation to the editor Claire Nixon and her staff. It is due out within a week or so. Should be very interesting.

Peace to all!


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Calder said...

Thanks a lot Jerry. It is always a good day seeing you around.

Peace bro!

Susan Richardson said...

Lovely response from Bird's Eye reView - congratulations!

Calder said...

Hi Susan, yes it was!! Smiles!