Thursday, April 3, 2008


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Marcella Chester said...

Thank you for having the courage to disclose what is obviously still painful. With all of the cases that end with no charges or no conviction it is heartening to see that there were some consequences for those who hurt your children.

My heart goes out to you and to your children.

Letty Cruz said...

Thanks for the comment inspiration on TodayInSeven today, namaste :)

Calder said...

Hi Marcella, thanks, I am happy to honor your cause. It is a good one.

Hi Letty, no worries my friend. Good to see you.

LaLa said...

I'm proud of you and your children for helping voice this cause and stopping this from happening to others.

Big squishy hugs!

Tess MacKall said...

My God, but you and your children are such an inspiration. I only wish I'd had the courage that you obviously do.

Thank you for sharing this painful time in your life. It truly helps others to know they are not alone.