Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wow, I had the most amazing day at work yesterday, on a Monday to boot which made it even more surreal. I have been working tons of hours (70 plus per week the past few) on this new program we were sourced on a few weeks ago, juggling many things at once constantly, total pressure to get everything done very fast to launch this new project into production in five months (we usually get 1 to 1.5 years). I like the pressure, am used to it, but this has been unbelievably stressful so to have a day like this is a true blessing.

I cannot remember having this good of a day ever (at work at least). By the end of the day, I was looking over my shoulder waiting for a meteorite to fall on my head or something... lol, but the day ended on all good things and I made it home safe. I was extra careful driving home as I couldn't help but think, all this good happening, be mindful of the really bad thing around the corner to out to "get me" even things up.

It started out mid morning getting an email from a poetry mag editor telling me she had accepted two of my poems for publication in their Fall 2008 magazine. Smiles!

A few minutes later, I was emailed by a customer that the vehicle build scheduled for next week in Louisiana has been postponed. This is on one of my other programs, not the "get it done now" one and I was told by our management that I must attend this build. I would have been away from home for at least 3 days and kid#2's birthday is next Tuesday so I would have been out of town that day. He was upset about that so now all is good and I will be here for his big day. We are celebrating his party on the weekend anyway, but I of course want to make his actual birthday a special day for him too.

A while later, I went in the back lab and fabricated a set of test parts of a new tube connection that came in last week. It's the last test that I need to get done for another one of my programs that starts production in June so it was really good to accomplish that as it was stressing me out. I love getting things completed!

Then I got a note from a GM guy at the Lake Orion plant saying he could give us the 5final assmbly parts I needed to take to our big design review meeting that actually happened today at GM Tech Center. We needed these because I was forced to give away the one and only set I had to one of our suppliers to help them design the machines for us. So I was really stuck not having parts for the design review with the customer.

Finally, near the end of day three more good things happened on my ball buster program. I had only three components left with problems that haven't been released and kicked off yet. One was a supplier issue that I was attempting to work through without adding cost to the project and the other two were issues where the customer design in CAD didn't match the actual parts being made. Anyway, I have been working for the last 10 days or so trying to solve these issues and get these items launched and within about a half hour of each other, the magic answers came on all three and it worked out in the best way possible. I signed off all three prints and released them this morning, wooowhooo!! All 58 new components and nine final assemblies designed, drawn up, all the approvals gotten, and released for production in 20 days.

What a Monday it was!!! When I got home, I was so happy, I took the kids out to dinner at Chili's and of course treated myself to a couple Sam Adams lagers. Yum!



MAYA said...

Hello Calder!!!!
Wowwww,you are really busy!But I adore your soul,actually things started to seem like nothing thanks to your wonderful comment several days ago.
Without my smile in reality,the genious writing never comes from such situation of my mind.

I think I need some treat for myself though,haha;-)

Have a great day.....and I know you will.

Calder said...

Great to see you here Maya! Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the acceptances! and the other goodnesses.

LKD said...

Wow. That's one heck of a day you had, sir.

I like how you looked over your shoulder in anticipation of a meteor.

Reminded me of one of my favorite shows of all time, Northern Exposure. Wasn't it Maggie who had bad luck with all of her boyfriends, including one who was struck and killed by a satellite that fell out of the sky?

Glad nothing fell on you.

Why don't-cha share some of this good luck, this good karma, these good days.

I could use a small piece of goodness right about now.

(actually, the sun is shining, the trees are blooming, and the birds are singing--that's plenty of goodness right there)


Calder said...

Thanks a lot Nicole!! Smiles!

Dear Laurel,
I hope you are grasping bits of goodness here and there. (((Laurel))) .
I have an infatuation for meteorites and that whole thing. I have bought a bunch off eBay and studied the AZ meteorite Crater quite a bit. I love holding a space rock in my hand and thinking about where it came from and has been, how old it is. Next falling star (meteorite) I see, the wish is for you!