Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mice Verses Man (poem)

The mice are fat and happy at peace
with the furry little creatures mice are,
in terms of mouse dreams at least.

Mice chew and mice are happy.
Mice swallow and mice get fat.
No human stomps on them;

mice remain fat and happy.
One day, mice may sleep underneath
a homeless man's cardboard box bed,

take a few tongue-licks of liquor
from inside his discarded jug cap,
carry away a sprig of end crust

broken off a soup kitchen sandwich.
The next day, mice may mouse through a gap
under the sink, of a suburban ranch style house,

find and chew through a corn flake box,
empty, except the half-bowl-full
left in the bottom by a child. The flakes

are stale, yet mice chew and mice swallow.
Mice mouse along the baseboard unseen,
by man, but the next cupboard is bare,

and the next. The mice stay fat and happy,
even on stale corn flake rations.
The child, asleep in her bed upstairs,

dreams that mommy and daddy
will not fight about money tomorrow
and a fine supper of salad, steak, and potatoes

will be served at the table at 6:00 P.M.,
the whole family there, happy as a mouse
just like she has seen on television.


dEaNa said...

Very Nice!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!


Calder said...

Same to you, thanks Deana!

Letty Cruz said...

You rock Letty!! Thanks for this!

MLK and I share the same birthday so I have always felt connected.


April 4, 2008 3:46 PM

Blogger Letty Cruz said...

MUAH back at ya :)

& good Sunday night to you!

Letty Cruz said...

Nice to see you... well some of, such a tease you are. Smiles! Glad you got that camera thing figured out. ((((Letty))))


AW thank you! I'm hoping to get more practice, now that I think I can remember to turn off the flash indoors, etc., and which are JPEG modes -- AND need to practice keeping it steady as I get lots of blurry pics, yuck. Hope to get some good pics from the voters booth at the PS street fair next week -- and get some time to check out your blog between that and my class :)

Tess MacKall said...

There is always such realism in your poetry. You truly see life. The good, the bad...and the ugly. Fascinating.


Calder said...

Thanks Letty!

Smiles and hugs!