Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Day Poem Acceptances

Today, a stressball bummer day at work. You could cut the tension in the office with a knife...ugg, but I get home, mow the lawn, cook dinner for the kids and I and open my email to find a couple surprises.

I was on a streak of three submission rejections in a row over the past three or so weeks but today made up for that!

First, the Orange Room Review alerted me that my poem "The Search" will be part of their August 2008 magazine. The editors sent a great note that made me smile. THANKS a lot Corey and Rachael!!

The Orange Room Review.

Then, another really cool note from the editor of Madswirl Magazine telling me that three of my poems have been accepted and actually were published today
on this page

and "The Spin" is featured on their Poetry Forum Page today
on 7-9-08

Many thanks to the editor Johnny for making my day!
He wrote me the coolest encouraging personal note.

Big smiles today!


Letty Cruz said...

Congrats yet again! Look forward to your announcing an anthology in the works :)

And this: "a stressball bummer day at work" -- love it!

Maggie said...


Because you do not fear those inevitable rejections, you take a leap of faith in your work, and you take those rejections in stride, and you keep sending--that is something I've not been able to do very often, and I admire that in you. Congrats on your upcoming publications and keep up the good work!

What's for dinner tonight?

I'm cooking cordon bleu, jasmine rice, roasted asparagus and a nice white wine sauce to pour over the cordon bleu and rice...getting hungry thinking about it!

Calder said...

Mucho thanks Letty. Maybe someday, a book will be published, with me on the spine, we can only I keep working it, that's all I can do, the rest, is between sunrise and forgotten dreams.


Calder said...

Hiya Maggie! Always a good day seeing you have visited.

Thanks for the encouraging comments. Well, I went through 4 plus years of 100% rejections and finally this year, things are changed. Lots of hard work and hating everything I wrote more then "a month ago"... still

Dinner this night was a good one, porterhouses, cooked perfectly with a small salad and some diced potatoes and onions, plus a couple glasses of Shiraz from a Chilean bottle to clear out the blocked veins a bit.


LKD said...

Congratulations on your acceptances.

One of these days I'll feel the motivation, the urge, the drive, the whatever to submit my work. I think. So far, it hasn't happened. It's not a fear of rejection on my part. I think it's actually a fear of acceptance. I entered a scholarship contest while matriculating for my BA and when I won first place...I walked around for a year in a ocmplete fog feeling totally undeserving.

I don't know why but I find seeing my work published unnerving.

So, hoorah to you!

Maggie should be submitting her work. Maggie, dammit, if you read this, SUBMIT!!! SUBMIT!!!

And man oh man those meals the two of you fixed and consumed sounded totally delish. I'm not a cook, never have been. I can bake. I used to love to bake. After my father died, I kinda lost that love. (he was one of those good-hearted souls with a shameless sweet tooth who would lavish anything I baked with praise even if it wasn't perfect)

Again, congrats on your good news.

Calder said...

Dear Laurel,

The published poems of yours that I have read have been goodies but on the other hand, I know what you mean. Just this week, I sent out a chapbook manuscript for a book contest entry, once you let it go, out of your hands, it's all so final. I worked my a$$ off on it, but in some way, it's not good enough, never will be?

Yes, Maggie should submit more. and you

I always expect to be rejected, so if the opposite occurs, it's a bonus. I meant to mention in this post that one of my 3 rejections from the past few weeks was from Beloit Poetry Journal... my sixth one from, 0 for 6. I guess I like the punishment they dish out. Oh well, someday (maybe).

Take care friend!!

d. chedwick said...

Congrats again, what a month you've had with the cat adventuring and everything...