Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mia - She's Back

Tonight is a good night! Our beloved house cat Mia, slid the back screen door open enough to escape on Sunday morning, three days ago. She's been missing since. Thank goodness, about two hours ago, a neighbor who saw one of the signs I had hung up around the neighborhood called me and said a cat matching her description has been hanging around their house for a couple days. It was Mia!!!! She's doing well, besides her collar being missing, nothing seems to be wrong with her.

What a F'ing relief!! The kids and I were all sick here with grief. We have had her for 13 years. Thanks to my friends who gave words of support and prayed for her safe return. We appreciated that!

Wooowhooo!!! Party time!


LKD said...


I'm so damned relieved she's back home where she belongs.

Wonder what happened to her collar.

She's beautiful. And at 13, she still has years to go.

My goodness, your family must be happier than happy tonight.

MAYA said...

I'm just too happy that there was no problem in the end....Ah,thanks!
And God,dhe's so lovely......So beautiful;-)

Calder said...

Hi Laurel!

Thanks a lot for all the positive energies you sent our way. Mia is doing Okay, acting just a little weird maybe, having kitty nightmares and snoring while sleeping, and a few scatches. We will definitely get a new collar and nametag. Maybe I should talk her for some walks too, a little further from home to help her get a lay of the land etc.

Have a good weekend Laurel!

Calder said...

Hiya Maya!! Thanks a lot, yes, she's a special kitty. We never have any problems with her in the house, she is very loving too.

Peace and love!

Letty Cruz said...

ah man, that's awesome! She's an old lady cat, too, glad she didn't get too exhausted and yes, thank God for your friends :)

Calder said...

Hi Letty,

She has been with us forever, through all the terrible days and now, she rules the house. The life of a cat huh, she has it made! We love her and are so glad she was found. I was starting to lose hope and that was super depressing.