Friday, July 11, 2008

My July MiPO has arrived

Arriving almost two weeks sooner then promised from the website I purchased it at, my copy of the July MiPOesias magazine was in my mailbox today. Nicole Mauro graces the cover. What a great photo! Congrats Nicole!

I am so impressed with the high quality of this journal, both physically (the layout, the quality of the printing and paper) and the content. There are so many good poems and short stories, and even a few recipes in it. I am honored to be included with all these talented writers. I would recommend to submit your poetry here. The editor Didi Menendez is soooo creative. Thanks!

I think if one where to buy this magazine, you would not be disappointed. Go for it!!

Look here.



FishHawk said...

I have all sorts of really clever comments to leave; but a closer look shows that they are actually just really stupid. Therefore: another congratulations for having a very fine poem being included in a very fine publication will have to suffice for now.

Rachel said...

Congrats on this pub, Calder!

LKD said...

Didi is so damned wonderful. I can't say enough good things about her. Besides being a gifted painter and poet, she's committed to supporting the art and poetry of others. She's been so generous to me and even though I have thanked her profusely, I still feel like I should fall at her feet and thank her again.

Congrats on your Mipo publishing cred.

Calder said...

Appreciate the visit always Rachel. I am one of your biggest fans so you will see me again soon. God bless!

Calder said...

Hi Fishawk - Jerry,
thanks for smile provider buddy and I would love to hear all those clever comments too!


Calder said...


Yes, Didi rocks huh, soooo talented and as you said, so supportive of us artists and poets.

I put this post up not to brag about my part in it (I already did but to give her and the mag some more props as I am very grateful for her and MiPOesias too.

Everyone I show it to says, WOW! and they are impressed. I hope someday to get lucky enough to be in it again.

Thanks to you friend for the visit, the warm wishes, and congrats!

(hi Bob & Elmo from Mia!)


Letty Cruz said...

AWESOME! Mag looks great -- MAN I need to do more chill-out non-internet-based reading & this motivates me :)


Calder said...

Hey Letty!

Sounds right, go for it! Thanks for stopping in.


Maggie said...


A big congrats to you! The magazine looks nice, and I know you are proud to be in it.

Keep up the good stuff!