Thursday, July 31, 2008

Issue 13 The Orange Room Review

Yesterday, I got a note from Corey and Rachael, the editors of The Orange Room Review that issue 13 was published. One of my poems was on board.

Issue 13 here

My poem, The Search

Thanks again Cory and Rachael for including me!

Peace and love!


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Robin Easton said...

WOW!!! Now that is a seriously powerful poem...punchy, filled with feeling, thought and awareness.

My heart went out to that younger you. You honor that young man by writing this poem. It truly is very poignant.

I am proud of you that you are continuing to write. You are good. The poem reflects your skill, because it's quite a short poem and yet it's PACKED with information for the reader, not only emotions and insights but it tells them who you are/were. Such a gift.

You keep writing and writing whenever you can. And congratulations on the publication. You are one determined dude! :) Good for you! :)