Saturday, September 13, 2008

Po News

It's kind of interesting how the ebb and flow of poem submissions goes.

During July and August I had a streak of 10 or so rejections in a row. Now September is here and in the past couple days two more acceptances which makes three in a row now.

Thanks to the Literary Tonic Editors for accepting and posting one of mine Thursday.
Shattered Silence is the title.

Yesterday, I was informed by the editors of The Orange Room Review that I will be included in their October issue. Thanks Corey and Rachael!!

Visit and support the online and small presses!!

Peace and love to all!


The Mad Celt said...

"the calming fog of gather and take."
Fabulous line, great poem. Congratulations.
Síochán leat...Dale

MAYA said...

Hi,Calder;-) Thanks for your comment the other day.
It's been a while!

Anyway,now you are doing pretty well....I realieved. But,right,things are really partial,aren't they? I mean, when good/bad wave comes, usually it continues until certain point....

Please take care,and salut for your children;-)

dennis said...

Dennis is hapy for you.

hi to Mia.

Robin Easton said...

Beautifully poignant poem. There are lines in it that are just breathlessly beautiful. Keep writing, just keep writing. You are very good at it and every time I read something new it is deeper and richer than before. Hard to believe because it was so beautiful to begin with, but there is more of you coming out.

I left a comment on the other site as well.

Calder said...

Appreciate that Dale, thanks for the visit buddy!

Maya!!! Always great to see you dear. Peace and love to you sweet friend!

Thanks to you Dennis, you rock and Mia meows back her approval!

Dear Robin, a fantastic reply dear, thanks so much for that piece of inspiration. Hugs!!