Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Love Your Blog Award

A week or so ago, I was blessed with a nice surprise. Jerry at As The Crackerhead Crumbles blog was nice enough to award my blog.

I love his blogs too. They are really unique and informative sharing blog links every week to great places to visit. He's a wonderful human also. Thanks again sir!

For my part, I would like to pass this along to some of my most fave bloggerrific places to visit. There is no wiggit so you all will just have to save the image to your My Documents and then paste it on your site if you would like to display the award. Thanks to each of you. Yes!! I love Your Blog!!

LaLa at True Clarity

Robin at Naked In Eden

Maya at MAYA-Japanese actress/model

Chedwick at Tangled Up in L'Heure Bleue

Maggie at A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door

and finally

LKD at Possum
who I have been reading for a long time, way before I ever thought of having a blog myself.

Thanks to you all!! I love your Blogs!


LKD said...


Thank you, you.

That means a lot to me. The part about you reading me before you ever had a blog. That's how I started blogging. I read a blog, my favorite blog for the longest time before I ever thought of having my own blog. I commented anonymously on other folks' blogs for a year or more before I final started my own.

My favorite blog no longer exists, alas. She took it down a while ago. And I still miss it.

Thanks again, friend. I'm honored.

LaLa said...

Yippy Skippy!! So AWESOME that you would think of me. I joyously except this award (doing a curtsy). Thank you my friend!


Maggie said...

Gracias, mi amigo!

I am glad you enjoy visiting the farm, and hope you will always know that you are welcome to stop by any time!

FishHawk said...

Thank you so very much for your kind words, my dear Calder. You have certainly passed this along to some wonderful people. May they do likewise.

Robin Easton said...

Hi Dear Calder,

You certainly are deserving of this award. Jerry made an excellent choice. ABSOLUTELY!!! Your writing and poetry is SO heartfelt and honest.

AND I am deeply touched that YOU picked me. That is an honor Calder and a very timely surprise, as I've had flu this last week and am running so far behind in blogging. So to see this really touched me that you thought of ME! Thank you very much.

I hope to be by later this week to read some of what I've missed while I was sick. Still running slow. Although I stopped by some days ago and read your UNREMARKABLE and chuckled. I thought the stone in your pocket was VERY remarkable!! I just love that!!! And then because I felt so wretched while read the post (due to flu) I thought, "Yeah, I'm pretty unremarkable right about now in baggy PJs and feeling like I gonna puke." LOL LOL Then I thought, "I just might be a little bit too MUCH unremarkable for people to deal with." Oh dear, such is Life. LOL

Are you laughing??? :) :)

Thanks for your kindness Calder. It means a lot to me. Hope all is well is your little nest.

Calder said...

Thanks you all, each of you have brought me much warmth readng these comments...and reading your awesome blogs. I do love them, and you too!!


MAYA said...

Hi Calder,wow,thank you so much....
Internat world is such a world of super fast circulation of Energy,so....I always hope that you are fine;-)