Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay, I usually do not play the tag games but this one is sounds fun and the person who tagged me one of the good ones, so here I go.

I was tagged by Possum, whos blog I enjoy regularly. She has provided the tasks.

First, a list of 6 unremarkable facts about yours truely.

1. I wear size 10 shoes.

2. I live in Michigan yet I still despise winter.

3. My favorite pro athelete of all time is Bo Jackson.

4. I wake up every day at 6am even on the weekends with no alarm set.

5. I love coffee and drink it black, no cream or sugar.

6. I have carried a small crystal enhydro stone with me every day for eight years.

Next, I need to tag six more friends so

I'm tagging Letty, Rachel, Nicole, Jerry, Lala, & Robin.

Finally, here are the rules folks.

Share 6 unspectacular things about yourself, tag 6 other folks, post the rules, and post a link back to the person who tagged you.

Well, I hope you enjoy this and have fun showing the blogosphere just how truly unremarkable you are!

Peace and love!


LKD said...

I'm curious.

Why Bo?

And why do you carry that stone?

I should live in Alaska. I LOVE snow. I swear, everyone else around will start bitching and moaning when the first flake falls and I'm so happy I can barely contain myself.

I react that way to falling leaves and autumn, too.

I like the cool and cold months. I could pretty much do without summer.

That whole waking up at 6 without an alarm is a sickness. It's called being a morning person. Which I am not. My mother is, though. She's never slept in nor understands the concept of sleeping in for a single day in her life. She's up before 6 every damned day. And is happy and coherent and glad to be up.

Me, I'm a night person. I don't really feel awake and conscious and able to function until noon. I feel really alert beginning in the evening and I was, until a few years ago, a chronic insomniac. I didn't sleep at night at all. I've been this way since I was born. (I was born in the evening.) I love the night.

My father did, too.

Thanks for playing. It's fun reading everyone's responses.

Calder said...

Hey friend!

Well, when Bo was doing the two sport thing, I was really into collecting sports memorabilia and I have a ton of his stuff. He was and still is one of the greatest atheletes to play and an awesome person. No show boating, a quiet family man, community leader/server in Alabama.

My favorite play of his was from Baseball when he played for KC playing left field. A long fly was hit to the base of the wall and he sprinted full speed directly at the wall and caught it and instead of colliding with the wall like a normal human being would, he strided up and ran sideways on the wall taking about 6 or 7 steps in an arc back down to the ground. He also is the only pro athelete to ever play after having a prostetic hip operation. His hip injury ultimately ended his pro careers but he did make the comeback and played baseball for a few seasons after having the operation.

I bought the crystal off eBay and believe it has calming and healing powers for my mental state of mind. When ever I am not thinking correctly, or am super stressed out (which is way too I'll stop and hold it in my hand and meditate for a while and start over. I have lost it several times and it has always come back to somehow which is kind of weird in a way. I guess it's sort of a security blanket for me.

I love the change of seasons and having four distinct seasons here, wouldn't want it any other way but winter just seems to drag on too long. Fall is my favorite season by far. Summer is too hot...yes.

Thnaks for the tag dear. You take care and have some happiness flood you often.

Have you been submitting many poems to mags lately? I saw Didi requested some from you. I always look forward to reading you and hope you get a book published someday. I will be one of the first in line to buy it.


FishHawk said...

Thanks for thinking of me. I will get it together and post it sometime next week. For I'm really busy being up to no good right now.

Anonymous said...

am thinking of many unremarkable things to respond with. thanks for your comments over at the stone house. & BIG CONGRATS on the recent acceptances (ebb&flow, indeed!)

Calder said...

Thanks for that Jerry, I will look forward to reading yours next week. Hope all is well your way friend!

Calder said...

Thanks to you too Nicole. I hope you play and if so, I will be looking for your unremarkableness.

Appreciate the grats on the po biz. So now I have to amend the acknowledgement page on my chap MS... winks. Such a problem to have huh. Smiles!!

Peace and love!

Letty Cruz said...

oh Calder! just read this post and your comment on my old post -- GOD got to get busy responding to this challeng -- will do, but not tonight, am BEAT :(

good night for now, will be back <3