Saturday, October 25, 2008


The last bill was paid
with the last dollar made,
no raise in four years
what will we eat


The Mad Celt said...

I say we go cannibal on Wallstreet...plenty of fat cats up there.

Calder said...

Ya man, sounds good to me, thanks for taking a bite here Dale!

Joy Leftow said...

Yeah, the almighty dollar controls us with no options - you have or you don't!

Calder said...

must find our Joy where we can huh.

This little pice is part of a ms I am building, 365 little bits for a one a day niblet of po-diet.

Thanks for your visits Joy!

LaLa said...

That is something many people can relate to. A positive for me is refocusing my needs and combining my funds with family to help others.