Thursday, October 2, 2008

Flutter Poetry Journal October 2008

Flutter dropped today with my poem "Dent" included.

October 2008 Issue

I love this magazine, it's really well done.

Big thanks to Sandy Benitez the Editor of Flutter Poetry Journal for including me.

I share the pages with 14 other great poets so get over there soon and read up, you won't be disappointed.



LaLa said...

Congrats. What inspired Dent?

FishHawk said...

Certainly is a most impressive looking. I suppose "Flutter" is no flight of fancy. Congrats!!! By the way, are you feeling better yet or what???

The Mad Celt said...

You're on a roll, Brother! When might I expect to meet you at a book signing? Congratulations, yet again.
Peace and joy.

Charmi said...

Great read! Glad to have run into you in the blog-o-sphere.

Anonymous said...

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