Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not A Nice Poem

Before A Breath Can Be Taken
(one must be let out)

One week after she got pregnant,
she wishes for the abortion


The only thing to do

is hold your breath.


The Mad Celt said...

I, too, am holding my breath. Let us hope we can find some peace and joy.

Calder said...

No worries friend, it's just a poem. Joy is knowing you were here. Thanks for the look see!

FishHawk said...

I hope he was delivered from the horrors of this world and took his next breath in our Heavenly Father's Kingdom of Heaven, resting safe and secure in His everlasting arms. Either way, that was an amazing poem, my dear Calder.

LaLa said...


Joy Leftow said...

Sad with hope.

Calder said...

Thanks for the visits friends and taking time to comment. It's appreciated!!


tanuj solanki said...

This tenure of breathing
in and out
in and out
in, out

love your work!

Calder said...

Thanks for the read and comment friend!

I have cropped out the poem body of this draft, time to submit it.