Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Orange Room Review Issue 14

Yesterday, Corey and Rachael, editors of The Orange Room Review published issue 14 with one of my poems, "Wane" on board.

Visit Here

Stop in, read, leave a comment in the Guest Book maybe. Have fun!!

Thanks a lot Corey and Rachael. I am happy to be part of your magazine again this issue.

Peace and love!


FishHawk said...

Yea!!! By the way, is spending time in the Orange Room a warm-up for spending time in Letterman's Green Room?

The Mad Celt said...

Congratulations. To the Words, to our Muses. Peace and joy.

Calder said...

You two are always here to make me feel good, thanks friends for your true support. I am honored!

Peace and love!

LaLa said...

"The paper is as agitated
as season passed leaves
that tremble in the wind;
the blank pages yearn
for love poems
that will never be written."

So beautiful, with longing.

Calder said...

Thanks Lala, always great to see you my friend!