Saturday, October 11, 2008

Neon 17 published

Issue 17 of Neon was recently published. It's a print literary magazine based in the UK. I got my contributer copy yesterday and it's one finely crafted mag, love it! I am really happy to be part of Neon. There are two of my poems titled "Veg Tabled" and "Fever" in it. Thanks again to the editor Krishan Coupland for including me. I have also written them a personal thank you note after publication which I think is a really important thing to do for any contributing author. Never take getting published for granted, be thankful for each one!

Anyway, this is their press release for issue 17:

30 September 2008: Neon17
Issue 17 of Neon--the last to be available in printed form--is now out. This issue features the work of Rachelle Taylor, Sergio Ortiz, Howie Good, Louise Norlie, Carol Carpenter, Janet Smith, R Jay Slais and Noam GR, as well as a review of the recently published anti-novel "The Plagiarist" and an interview with its author, Christopher Nosnibor.

You can buy a copy here.


Other personal Po-News since my last Po post:

My chapbook MS from Tilt
Poems at The Orange Room Review
Poems at Bird's Eye Review
Poems at Pemmican

One poem at tinfoildresses for their Issue #1 in December 2008
Three poems at Yellow Mama, one each scheduled for Issues in Dec 08, Feb 09, & Apr 09

Pending Submissions:
I currently have 19 poems out at 7 markets with wait times ranging from 12 to 147 days.

I have been working really hard on a three poem series for the last month or so going from totally unhappy to getting there to almost satisfied now. I have a certain magazine in mind to submit these to, one I subscribe to and one that I have tried 5 times to get published at so far receiving 5 relections. Another weeks worth of revision and maybe they will be ready to send. Hopefully.

Have a great weekend everyone! Peace and love!


The Mad Celt said...

Gone International! Outstanding.

FishHawk said...

Well done, old chap. Well done!!!

Calder said...

Many thanks my friends!!


Anonymous said...

great kudos & many claps for going UK! & best of with the other works--it's hard sometimes for me to think of how many markets vs. how many *poems* ;-> *whew* congrats again, dear calder!

Calder said...

Thank you Nicole, coming from you, it means a lot to me. Getting a contrib copy in the mail is like a poets Xmas present or something, always exciting to get it and see ones own work in print.

The stat thing... I guess it's the engineer in me coming out, numbers, data, all that junk but all those numbers are from my account at Duotrope. I write things down too but use the Duotrope site to keep track of all my submissions and do 95% of my research there to. Find, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read... compile, proofread...submit.

You take care my friend! Hugs!