Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Queen



The Mad Celt said...

Reminds me of my cat friend Max, who has since gone on to chase mice and birds in another dimension.

Calder said...

Hi Dale,
She's up there in years too, 14 in April and she loves to hunt but we don't let her out much to roam at least since we moved here in 2005. Back at the old place, she ruled the property. I watched her chase down a red squirrel one day and those buggers are smart and fast.
Sorry about your buddy Max. My first cat Gizmo, an orange tabby was so cool but he passed after only 4 years.


Anonymous said...

oh! she's gorgeous--so glad she came back to you! SUPERCONGRATS on flutter! great poem, that! (can you tell i like !!!)
keep on!

LaLa said...

Makes me miss my cat Simon, he looked just like that. In fact for first two weeks I had him I thought he was a she, which I called Simone. Hahaha. I'm sure he didn't notice since he spent most of that time hiding under my couch covered in dust bunnies. Sigh...I loved that cat.

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